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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why is Jerry Brown not bringing Texas jobs to California?

Jerry Brown's dog Sutter could run the state better.

Jerry Brown's pure 100% Socialist Bullshit
  • You don't see Jerry Brown visiting Texas to bring jobs to California.  Because no businessman in his right mind would deliberately open a brand new business in Taxafornia.
  • The People's Republic of California is living off the businesses started in past decades.

Socialist Democrat California Governor Jerry Brown insulted Texas Governor Rick Perry's effort to take jobs out of the once Golden State.  Brown told reporters that Perry’s effort wasn’t news. “It’s not a burp,” he sneered. “It’s barely a fart.”  Ha, ha.  Funny.

But none of the brainless lib reporters have the balls to ask our Comrade Governor why he isn't in Texas bringing those jobs back to California. 

The answer is obvious.  No business in the no income tax states of Texas or Florida or Nevada would even think of relocating to Socialist high tax California.

In the last five years Texas has gained 400,000 new jobs while California has lost 640,000. The Lone Star State’s rate of job growth was 33 percent higher than California’s last year, even as the Golden State finally pulled out of the recession.

Joseph Vranich, a California business-relocation expert, agrees that California has a systemic job-creation problem and says it needs to worry about more than just Texas. He says that 15 states are sending delegations to California and seeking to convince firms to relocate or, if they stay in California, to expand their operations out of state.

Austin, Texas
To hear Californians talk you would think everyone in Texas is an uneducated redneck.  After all, only a "crazy" person would open a business in an "uncivilized" place like Texas where they do not have to pay insane California Marxist income taxes. 

Wealthy individuals such as golfer Phil Mickelson are openly talking about following Tiger Woods and moving to low-tax states such as Florida. EBay, Facebook, and Visa, among others, have recently made major expansions in Texas. “That kind of talk will only intensify now that top earners in California face a 13.3 percent income-tax hit on earnings over $1 million,” says Jon Fleischman, editor of the political blog FlashReport.com. “That’s not only the highest rate in the U.S. It’s the highest rate any state has had since World War II.”

Should Perry choose to run for a fourth term as governor next year, he will have a good story to tell. Texas’s legislature has just trimmed its $188 billion two-year budget by 8 percent, and the state may have more revenue than it can legally spend because it is barred from raising outlays more than the rate of economic growth.

“This state is foremost geared to fostering a business climate that creates jobs,” Governor Perry said last year. “We can do more good in other areas if first we ensure people can support and raise their families.”

(National Review)

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