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Monday, February 4, 2013

San Diego takes down fascist red light cameras

Democrat Mayor Bob Filner hauls off a red-light camera warning sign

SHOCK  -  A Democrat Mayor makes an intelligent, common sense decision for freedom and against Big Brother
  • Anything is possible.  Dog and cats could start living together.  Pigs might even fly.

San Diego on Friday became the latest in a cadre of California cities turning their backs on red-light cameras — aloof intersection sentries that have prompted $490 tickets to be mailed to 20,000 motorists per year here.
Mayor Bob Filner announced his decision to take down the city’s 21 cameras at a news conference set at the most prolific intersection for the tickets, North Harbor Drive and West Grape Street, near San Diego International Airport.
A crew went to work immediately taking down “photo enforced” signs throughout the city reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.
“Seems to me that such a program can only be justified if there are demonstrable facts that prove that they raise the safety awareness and decrease accidents in our city,” Filner said of the cameras. “The data, in fact, does not really prove it.”
Bicycle and pedestrian groups immediately raised safety concerns about the end of the program. Still, Filner called it the San Diego version of a traffic trap, and said he would rather have the four officers who were reviewing the camera’s photos back on the streets interacting directly with motorists.
“It just seemed to me that the hostility toward them (the cameras) bred more disrespect for the law than respect for the law,” Filner said, adding that many members of the public felt the program was only about making the city money.
The mayor’s action followed through on a campaign promise made last fall in response to a question from The Watchdog, which surveyed candidates about the program.

San Diego Red Light Cameras Ordered to Be Torn Down by Mayor

Goodbye to the 1984 Big Brother
Spy Cameras.

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