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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Does the California Republican Party even matter?

A New California GOP Chairman?
Jim Brulte

Brulte for GOP Chairman?

- - - I mean really, does anyone even give a crap about these worthless recycled political hacks?

Former State Senator Jim Brulte announced at a meeting of Republican activists in San Diego that he was officially a candidate to become California GOP chairman.

Brulte represented part of San Bernardino County when he was the Senate Republican leader from 2000 to 2004 and Assembly Republican leader from 1992 to 1996.

THE  BOTTOM  LINE  -  Let's get right to the meat.  The California Republican Party does not represent me or any other Republican in the state.  In fact the state GOP does not represent anyone except a bunch of corrupt Sacramento insiders.

The average Republican voter has zero voice in the state Republican Party.  ZERO!

There are no local caucuses or county conventions where Republican voters can select delegates to a state convention to vote on a platform and elect leaders like we see in the Iowa Presidential primary.

The state GOP is a top-down appointed Sacramento based political action committee fully funded by lobbyists often looking to loot the treasury for their own ends.  There is no input from average GOP voters of any kind, in any way.

This top-down corrupt oligarchy structure explains why GOP legislators have voted with the Socialist Democrats to increase taxes and grow the Welfare State.

For example it was just a few months ago that Assembly Republican Caucus Chairman Brian Nestande provided the needed swing vote to raise sales taxes on lumber by 1%.

Republicans are told we are supposed to care.  I say, fuck that shit.

When I am allowed to vote for the leadership of my party, at that point I will care.

What exactly is the Republican Party?
Under GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his GOP allies in the legislature, spending not only went insane, but Republican legislators signed on to tax increases.
Now Jim Brulte, who was GOP Senate leader under the madness of insane tax and spend Arnold, wants to "rebuild" the Republican Party that he fucked over.  Right. 

Democrats now have supermajorities of more than two-thirds in both houses of the Legislature, dominate the state's congressional delegation by a 38-15 count and hold every statewide office, including the two U.S. Senate seats.

Brulte claims has the priorities of increasing fundraising, recruiting many more grass-roots volunteers than the party recently has and "rebuilding the party's bench" by recruiting candidates for legislative and local races who have a chance to win because they "look like, sound like and share the values of the people in their neighborhoods."

Brulte says his projected rebuild has immediate potential for bettering the GOP's electoral fortunes with or without changes on any issues. 
 "We lost three or four seats where the outcome really hinged on nuts and bolts," he said, citing several legislative races decided by fewer than 2,000 votes each.    But election returns reveal that the GOP won almost as many very tight races as it lost, one example being the 1,018-vote margin by which Republican Assemblyman Mike Morrell beat Democrat Russ Warner in a far-flung San Bernardino County district.  
The same returns show Democrats won by wide margins in most races, indicating that merely fixing nuts and bolts won't bring Republicans near parity anytime soon.

(Pasadena Star News)

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