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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Rise of One-Party Elections in California

"I screwed you all."

A Bi-Partisan Fucking
Both parties worked together to abolish
democracy in California.

"Corruptus in Extremis"  -  Under GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger corrupt "reforms" were passed by both parties in the dead of night without public hearings that abolished what little democracy was left in the People's Republic of California.

These cooked election changes are putting political parties in the background under a new system in which only the top two vote winners in the open primaries get a place on the general election ballot, regardless of party.

Translation -  Political parties are not allowed to nominate their own candidates, small parties are banned and your write-in vote has been declared illegal and will not be counted by our Masters.

Since the changes were instituted in 2012, voters are often finding themselves forced to choose between candidates within the same party. Candidates, in turn, must run less partisan campaigns to achieve the broader public appeal necessary for a victory, the Los Angeles Times reports.
"It's the really big news of 2014" in California politics, Tony Quinn, a veteran political analyst told the Times. "I think we're going to have a historic number of same-party runoffs."

The one-party trend is most apparent in legislative races, where nearly a fifth of the 100 contests for the Legislature could become highly competitive one-party runoffs, according to the Times. In 2012, there were 28 same-party runoffs in legislative and congressional races.

Quinn estimates there will be 17 potentially competitive same-party runoffs this year — 14 in the Assembly and three in the Senate, all for seats being vacated by incumbents.


Total Corruption - One-Party Elections
  • Under bi-partisan "reform" the voters are only allowed to vote for one party, maybe two on the November ballot. 
  • All small opposition parties and independent candidates are effectively banned from all future general election ballots.  Your write-in vote has been declared illegal and it will not be counted by our Masters.
  • We are seeing reduced voter choices where only one party appears on the November ballot.


November 2012 - 31st Congressional District of California
RepublicanGary Miller (incumbent)88,96455.2%
RepublicanRobert Dutton72,25544.8%
Republican hold


November 2012 - 30th Congressional District of California
DemocraticBrad Sherman (incumbent)149,45660.3%
DemocraticHoward Berman (incumbent)98,39539.7%
Democratic hold


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