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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jerry Brown far ahead in polls - As if it matters

Jerry Brown
(AP File Photo)

If it's Brown Flush it Down

Another "phony" and corrupt California election is to be held this November. 

The Sacramento power brokers from both parties have made sure that the voters will only have a Democrat or a Republican to choose from.  The corrupt "bi-partisan" top two primary will keep off the November ballot virtually all smaller opposition parties, independent candidates and your write-in votes have been declared illegal and the Elites will not count them.

The Democrat and Republican Elites have basically said "Fuck you" to the voters.  Our elections are about as free as those held in Russia.

On March 27, the Public Policy Institute of California released a gubernatorial poll. Pollsters mentioned four candidates to respondents.

The results:

  • Jerry Brown 47%
  • Tim Donnelly 10%
  • Andrew Blount 2%
  • Neel Kashkari 2%

Three percent of the respondents named someone whom the pollster had not mentioned, and 36% of respondents say they are undecided. Brown is a Democrat and the other three are Republicans.

 There are 15 candidates on the June primary ballot.

The primary is June 3, and only the two candidates who poll the largest vote can appear on the November ballot. Write-ins are banned in November for state office and congressional elections.

Here is the complete poll, which includes many other questions. Scroll down to page 14 for the gubernatorial results.

The pollsters should have included Cindy Sheehan, who is on the ballot as a Peace & Freedom Party member. She probably has more name recognition than either Andrew Blount or Neel Kashkari, and chances are she would have placed third if she had been included.

Via Ballot Access News

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