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Friday, March 28, 2014

Democrats honor "Dragon Head" Crime Boss Arrested with Demo Senator

Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow
  • Chow is a notorious gangster who was arrested this week with Democrat Senator Leland Yee.  Chow was given awards by US Senator Diane Feinstein and other San Francisco Democrat hacks.

Raymond “Shrimp Boy”, notorious gangster, was arrested yesterday, along with Democratic State Senator Leland Yee, in a five year long massive FBI investigation including arms deals with Islamic rebels. 

Read more here for all the charges and intrigue.

The video report above was from May 2012. Since that report in May 2012, despite his known history and the cautions about him from police that that report reveals, “Shrimp Boy” was given awards from many Democratic politicians, including U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein reports Weasel Zippers News Service.
Democrat Senator Yeland Yee
"Corruptus in Extremis"

Top role as 'dragon head'

Chow holds a "supreme authority" position in the Triad, an international Chinese organized crime group; heads the Hop Sing Boys, a San Francisco street gang; and serves as the "dragon head," or leader, of the Ghee Kung Tong, a Chinese brotherhood that allegedly provided cover for criminal operations after Chow took over in 2006, according to the affidavit says the San Francisco Chronicle.

He has previously claimed to have joined an organized crime group at age 9 in his native Hong Kong. He has said he joined Hop Sing soon after arriving in the United States in 1976 at age 16 and would later boast that he controlled all Asian gangs in San Francisco.

In 1992, authorities indicted Chow and 26 others for racketeering, saying Hop Sing was involved in everything from underage prostitution to the international heroin trade.

Chow pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges in 2000 and was sentenced to 160 months in prison but was released in 2003 after he testified against fellow Hop Sing leader Peter Chong.

Chow became the leader of Ghee Kung Tong, or Chinese free masons, in August 2006, six months after its "dragon head," Allen Leung, was shot to death in his Chinatown import-export business. Leung's murder remains unsolved. Chow cut a striking figure at Leung's funeral, wearing a white suit in a sea of black.

Award From Democratic Mayor Ed Lee:

From LGBT advocate, Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano:

Ghee Kong Tong Freemasons Building was raided by the FBI

Arrested Democrat Senator Leland Yee, left, talks
with Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow.

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