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Friday, February 28, 2014

Court OKs School ban on US flag shirts

Flag T-shirts banned on Cinco de Mayo in Morgan Hill.

"Don't wear that shirt."
  • In a display of what has to be pro-Mexican racism, a Federal Court rules that citizens of the United States cannot wear a shirt with the American flag on it. 
  • Again, pro-Mexican.  If you are a Hispanic from Columbia, Peru, Cuba or Brazil your heritage has nothing at all to do with Cinco de Mayo, but you would not be allowed to wear an American flag shirt.

Officials at a Northern California high school acted appropriately when they ordered students wearing American flag T-shirts to turn the garments inside out during the Mexican heritage celebration Cinco de Mayo, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the officials' concerns of racial violence outweighed students' freedom of expression rights. Administrators feared the American-flag shirts would enflame the passions of Latino students celebrating the Mexican holiday.

The unanimous three-judge panel said past problems gave school officials sufficient and justifiable reasons for their actions. The court said schools have wide latitude in curbing certain civil rights to ensure campus safety reports the Associated Press.

"Our role is not to second-guess the decision to have a Cinco de Mayo celebration or the precautions put in place to avoid violence," Judge M. Margaret McKeown wrote for the panel. The past events "made it reasonable for school officials to proceed as though the threat of a potentially violent disturbance was real," she wrote.

William Becker, one of the lawyers representing the students, said he plans to ask a special 11-judge panel of the appeals court to rehear the case. Becker said he would appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if he loses again.

"The 9th Circuit upheld the rights of Mexican students celebrating a holiday of another country over U.S. student proudly supporting this country," Becker said.

Cinco de Mayo marks the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, when Mexican troops defeated a French army of Napoleon III, then considered the mightiest military in the world. It is considered a bigger holiday in the U.S., celebrating Mexican heritage with parades and revelry in many major cities.

About 50 students carrying a Mexican flag walked out of classes.
See more - ABC News.

Police cars follow Hispanic students who walked out of Live Oak and
Ann Sobrato high schools to march around Morgan Hill.

New California Flag
Since America no longer exists let's make it official by adopting a proper California flag that represents only one nationality.  Americans of African, Asian, American Indian and European heritage might as well move out of state.


Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like any American citizen worth their salt needs to load up their rifle, grab an American flag and show up to Oak high school on May 5.

There are more of us than there are of them.

Cops will gladly gun down a few unarmed people, they sure as hell don't have the balls to try it will a few hundred though. Do you think weekend warriors will open fire on their own ARMED citizens over the defense of the very flag they signed up to protect? HELL NO.

And that is EXACTLY how the U.S.S.R. finally fell. When soldiers refused to open fire on citizens, the house of cards fell.

If Mexican invaders want to defend THEIR POS flag, then they can bring their pistolas too. I've been looking forward to it for decades.

Any nation of people who can not organize and defend their inalienable rights to fly their own countries flag IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE THEIR OWN FLAG OR THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

Gary said...

**** "needs to load up their rifle," ****

Tell me do you work for the NSA or FBI?

My Mama did not raise a fool. I am not going to respond to any inflammatory language by anonymous people. Big Brother is recording my every post.