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Monday, February 24, 2014

Democrat wants a 24 cent gas tax increase

Marxist Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg

Marxist Jackass of the Day
  • Voters deserve what the get.  They were fucking stupid enough to elect these Marxist assholes, so let them pony up 24 cents a gallon in new Democrat gas taxes.

The People's Republic of California  -  A brand new carbon tax proposal outlined on Thursday by California Democrat Senate leader Darrell Steinberg would raise an estimated $3.6 billion in its first year. 

The Marxist Senator claimed the new wealth would be re-distributed into the pocketbooks of the state's "poorest residents" as well as public transportation - - - Translation. To union workers and businessmen who donate to his party.

The tax, which would apply to fuels like gasoline, would start at 15 cents a gallon in 2015 and rise to 24 cents a gallon in 2020, Steinberg said in a speech at the Sacramento Press Club.

Steinberg claims poverty in the state is growing and that he needs to steal the money of those who work hard and give it away to low- and moderate-income working people via a federal tax credit. It would also help plug funding shortfalls in public transit reports Reuters News.

The tax would halt plans to bring fuels under the state's cap and trade program next year, a policy that since the beginning of 2013 has regulated the emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases from large stationary sources, such as power plants and cement factories.

Cap and trade sets a gradually declining limit on the amount of greenhouse gases businesses can emit and allows for the trading of excess permits on the open market.

A carbon tax is a simper system to administer than cap and trade, but instead of setting an environmental target, it hopes to discourage driving by raising the price of gasoline.

Passage of the tax is considered a long shot given that California law requires any new tax to gain the support of two-thirds of members in both chambers of the state legislature.

The proposal was also met with resistance from environmentalists, who believe the current policies are well designed and should not be tampered with.

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