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Friday, February 14, 2014

GOP Sweep of San Diego & San Bernandino Elections

Republicans win Mayor and City Attorney
in Bankrupt Democrat city. 

By Eric Dondero 
Libertarian Republican

National media ignores Republican sweep of municipal elections across California.
Back in November 2013, amid all the big Chris Christie, and McAuliff vs. Cuccinelli news, a number of Republican won small-to-medium sized city mayorships. The list included New Britain, CT, a couple towns in New York state, and amazingly Annapolis, Maryland. The liberal media completely ignored these elections. You had to go to Patch.com, or the tiniest of local papers to get any news on these elections. 

On Tuesday, the lib media just could not ignore the election of a Republican mayor of San Diego. And to their credit, they did report on Faulconer's big win over Alvarez, and mostly fairly. But there were no blaring headlins, "Republicans regain Democrat-trending San Diego." 

And did you hear anything about REPUBLICAN Carey Davis being elected as Mayor in San Bernardino? Or for that matter, his reformer sort-of running mate Gary Saenz?

Hey, hey, hey... is that a Hispanic guy who just got elected San Bernardino City Attorney??  Bh... bh... bh... but everyone knows Hispanics in California hate Republicans.

From Reuters, "Voters in bankrupt San Bernardino sweep old guard from power":

Residents of bankrupt San Bernardino, California on Tuesday voted to complete a rout of the city's pro-union old guard, electing business-friendly pragmatists who have pledged to try to reduce pension costs and take on vested interests. As San Bernardino enters into a fourth month of mediation with its creditors, the biggest of which is Calpers, California's giant retirement system, voters on Tuesday elected Carey Davis as the crisis-hit city's new mayor. 
Davis, a businessman and political novice, ran in part on a campaign to reduce the city's pension obligations. In an interview in November, when he became one of two mayoral candidates, he said the city had to cut spending on police and fire departments, currently more than 70 percent of the budget. 
"You have to roll the pensions back," Davis said in November. Davis did not return calls on Wednesday. Davis will play a big role in how the city approaches negotiations with its creditors. He will be part of a small team of elected officials who represent the city as the debtor in the bankruptcy.
21 paragraph article by Reuters, and not a single mention of the fact that Carey is a Republican. Even the local paper, The Sun, makes no mention of Carey's Republican affiliation. You have to dig deep down into the comments sections to learn:

Both Gary Saenz, and Carey Davis are Republicans...
Now, try to imagine for a second what national news headlines would be a day or two after local elections in California, where a Democrat won a Republican-held mayorship in the Nation's 8th largest city - San Diego - and nearby in a medium-sized municipality, a Democrat won a mayorship AND a city attorney's race, beating two Republican candidates. 

How about NY Times, Washington Post, CNN or The Hill:

"Shocking results from California, Democrats sweep city elections, crushing incumbent Republicans"

San Diego Goes Republican
  • A winning message of social tolerance combined with being anti-tax, anti-regulation and strongly pro-business.

An anti-tax Republican city councilman has been elected mayor of San Diego in a special election to fill the unexpired term of Bob Filner, who resigned amid a torrent of sexual harassment allegations.
San Diego becomes the nation's largest city with a Republican mayor, and Kevin Faulconer will be the only Republican to lead a major city in California, where Democrats hold all statewide offices. Filner was San Diego's first Democratic leader in 20 years.

With all precincts reporting, the two-term councilman and former public relations executive led Democratic Councilman David Alvarez by 54.5 percent to 45.5 percent reports ABC News.
Faulconer, who was backed by Filner's two-term Republican predecessor, Jerry Sanders, highlighted his opposition to a 2010 ballot measure to raise the sales tax, which lost resoundingly, and his support for a 2012 measure to cut pensions for city workers, which passed overwhelmingly. Alvarez backed the losing sides.

Faulconer's win comes as the nation's eighth-largest city turns more Democratic.  Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney by 25 percentage points among city voters, and Democrats enjoy a 13-point advantage over Republicans among registered city voters.
Faulconer easily topped a field of 11 candidates in the first round by dominating in newer, wealthier neighborhoods north of Interstate 8. Alvarez secured a spot in Tuesday's runoff by cleaning up south of the freeway in more densely populated, predominantly Latino areas.

“Faulconer won the race not because he was moderate, but because he carried himself as the adult in the race,” said Jon Fleischman, publisher of the GOP-oriented Flashreport. “He’s certainly a moderate on social issues. But he’s anti-tax, anti-regulation. He’s strongly pro-business. …”

(San Diego Union Tribune)

San Diego voted for Obama in a landslide but
now has elected a Republican Mayor.


Anonymous said...

That's the way for the GOP to regain a presence in California. Stress economic issues and get rid of the social conservatism.

Gary said...

I couldn't agree with you more.