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Sunday, September 8, 2013

San Francisco to Outlaw Detaining Illegal Immigrants

San Francisco - Loon Central
With massive under and unemployment you can always count
on liberals supporting illegals taking American jobs.

San Francisco is once again leading the way - this time with a proposal that would appear to make it the first county in the nation to unequivocally refuse to detain illegal immigrants.

After all, with food stamps out of control and massive under and unemployment why would we deport illegals.  Liberals feels they should stay and compete with American citizens for the limited number of available jobs.

The insane proposal is authored by Supervisor John Avalos and supported by a supermajority of his colleagues, would make it illegal for San Francisco law enforcement officials to detain someone solely on the basis of immigration status.

Currently, the Sheriff Department's policy states that only people suspected of serious or violent felonies, or those with a serious or violent felony in their past, will be held for immigration authorities. In 2012, 542 people were handed over to federal authorities by San Francisco officials; another 176 were transferred in the first six months of 2013 reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The proposed law will be considered by a board committee made up of its supporters Thursday, where it is expected to be approved.

"The legislation is about due process against the arbitrary loss of liberty," Avalos said, arguing that the current situation has created a "dragnet" that is wrongfully sweeping up innocent people. "Right now ... there is no basic standard of proof to show that someone is undocumented and deserves to be detained."

While some other cities, including Berkeley and Richmond, have approved similar policies, they are largely symbolic, as county sheriffs handle the detentions of criminal suspects. Counties that have restricted their participation, including Santa Clara, have done so on the basis of money - that the federal government isn't reimbursing them for the cost of keeping such immigrants in jail.

And proposed statewide legislation, which is more similar to the city's current policy, was vetoed last year by Gov. Jerry Brown; a more limited version is now working its way through the legislative process.

While supporters currently have a veto-proof majority and support of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, concerns over the proposed law's broad brush strokes are being raised. Supervisor Katy Tang is considering amendments to the law, and Police Chief Greg Suhr said Wednesday that he wants to see convicted violent felons, sex offenders and those with prior weapons possession convictions exempted from the law.

If those people are exempted, Suhr said, he supports the legislation.

"The sheriff's office has discretion to report such people already, and I think that's important that he retain that discretion, because we certainly don't want to become a safe haven for everybody else's convicted violent felons, sex offenders or firearm possessors," he said.

"Black Americans need not apply."
The youth unemployment rate for African Americans is 28.2%.  But liberals ignore Blacks in favor of Hispanics who are citizens of foreign nations.
Looks like pro-Hispanic and anti-Black racism.

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