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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oil companies fund trip to Sweden for legislators.

Stockholm, Sweden

"Corruptus in Extremis"
Oil companies fly lawmakers to Stockholm
to "study" energy policy. 

The People's Republic of California  -  Both Democrats and Republicans have thrust their snouts deep in the corrupt trough of "free" goodies offered by special interest groups.

A delegation of nine California state lawmakers has left on a trip to Sweden and Norway to study how the Scandinavians have advanced environmental and energy policies.

The trip is one of several largely paid for over the years by the California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy, a nonprofit group funded by business and labor groups, including the oil and energy industries.

Weee . . . a "free" trip.
Democrat Senator Kevin de Leon

“With last year’s inauguration of the AB32--initiated Cap and Trade Program, and a number of deadlines on the horizon, there is an urgent need to establish a baseline of common knowledge about the complex mechanics of policy implementation and the technologies we have or will require to meet these goals,” the foundation said in a statement reports the Los Angeles Times.

State Senators scheduled to go on the trip from Sept. 19 to 30 include Democrats Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles and Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, as well as Republicans Anthony Cannella of Ceres and William Emmerson of Hemet.

Assembly members on the trip include Republicans Travis Allen of Huntington Beach and Kristin Olsen of Modesto, as well as Democrats Steven C. Bradford of Gardena, Cristina Garcia of Bell Gardens and Shirley Weber of San Diego.

Others on the trip include executives with:
  • Chevron Corp.
  • Shell Energy North America
  • Southern California Edison
  • the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
  • Southern California Pipe Trades
  • the Nature Conservancy

The California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy's "goal is to provide policymakers with a first-hand look at best practices around the world and to facilitate a productive, nonpartisan discussion of the environmental and infrastructure issues facing the state of California,” said P.J. Johnston, a spokesman for the foundation.

Stockholm, Sweden: Top Attractions

Kern County, California oil fields.
If legislators were really interested in learning about energy they could drive a few hours to Bakersfield.  Kern County is California's top oil-producing county, with 81% of the state's 52,144 active oil wells.  But we all know the trip to beautiful Sweden is not about energy.  It is a bribe by the oil industry.


Speaker Perez, Delegation Visits Armenia
Corrupt legislators take free trips to Armenia,
Poland, Taiwan and Cuba.

Welcome to Armenia
Members of the California delegation at
Dzidzernagapert with Speaker Perez at far right.

Separately, Assembly Spekaer John Perez (D-Los Angeles) is leading a delegation of lawmakers on a trip to the Republic of Armenia.

Summer may be over, but the California Legislature’s travel season is just getting started.

This week, a group of current and former state lawmakers, led by Speaker of the Assembly John Perez, D-Los Angeles, returns to the state following a 10-day trip to Armenia. According to multiple Armenian news outlets, the trip is intended to strengthen ties between the country and California, the “motherland” of the largest Armenian diaspora community in the United States reports Cal Watchdog.

“We are hopeful that this first in kind mission would leave a lasting impact and contribute to strengthening political contacts between the Republic of Armenia and the great State of California – home to hundreds of thousands of compatriots,” Grigor Hovhannissian, the former Consul General of Armenia, said in advance of the trip.

In addition to Perez, the legislative delegation to Armenia includes Assembly members Katcho Achadjian, R-San Luis Obispo; Cheryl R. Brown, D-San Bernardino; Adrin Nazarian, D-Sherman Oaks; Scott Wilk, R- Santa Clarita; and Nazarian’s chief of staff, Dan Savage. Former state lawmakers and current Los Angeles City Councilmen Bob Blumenfield and Paul Krekorian, along with several of Krekorian’s staff members, also joined the delegation that was organized in conjunction with the Armenian National Committee of America, Western Region.

Bullshit  -  Trip to strengthen "diplomatic" ties

The trip, which began on September 15, included meetings with the President of Armenia, dinner with the Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly, a visit to the Armenian Genocide Memorial and several festivities in conjunction with the Armenian Independence Day celebration. “The President of Armenia noted with satisfaction that the Armenian-American relations are currently at the highest level,” reports the Times.am, an Armenian news site.

Nazarian echoed the Armenian president’s sentiments. “I look forward to continue working with the ANCA in building a greater relationship between the Republic of Armenia, the California State Assembly and the Armenian American Diaspora,” said Nazarian, who was the only legislator to be accompanied by staff. “Promoting further awareness of issues pertinent to Armenia is an integral part of my responsibility as both a State Assemblyman and as an Armenian-American.”

California officials won’t talk publicly about Armenian trip.

 Yet, if the trip’s purpose was to strengthen ties between government officials, the California delegation has a funny way of showing it. Neither Speaker Perez’s office nor Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, the most senior Republican lawmaker on the trip, would respond to repeated requests for comment about the trip.

It’s not clear why the Speaker’s office did not respond to press inquiries about the trip. Perhaps the speaker felt the Armenian press, which ranks 74th in Reporters Without Borders 2013 World Press Freedom Index, was up to the task. One report in the Armenian press described the delegation’s visit to the Dzidzernagapert memorial monument, which honors the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Perez, according to Yerkir Media, said it was a “very emotional” experience. “This trip, especially this pilgrimage to Dzidzernagapert is very emotional for me,”

Perez said. “My colleague is Armenian and his family is from Kharpert. When we saw the Kharpert emblem (on the map in the museum), we became very emotional. It is important for the all countries of the world to recognize the Genocide and find the way to justice.” Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Hovik Abrahamyan awarded Perez the National Assembly’s Medal of Honor “for the development of the inter-parliamentary relations … as well as for big contribution in strengthening of Armenian-American relations.” Perez pledged to continue “fighting for historic justice and truth, revealing them to the world.”

GOP Assemblyman Scott Wilk
went on the "secret" trip to Armenia.

Public Radio of Armenia reports, “He presented his impressions of the meetings and visits conducted in the framework of his pretty heavy agenda and underscored that the California State Assembly is faithful to its values and pledges to continue its efforts in fighting for historic justice and truth, revealing them to the world and promoting peace and stability, strengthening and developing also our biliateral relations. Just don’t expect the speaker to reveal much to the world about the trip itself.

Wilk open about trip Not every legislator on the trip has declined to share information about the trip. Wilk, whose district includes a large Armenian-American community, has openly shared updates about the trip on his Facebook page.

Wilk’s frequent updates referred to his visit to the Armenian Genocide Memorial, dinner with government officials and the Armenian Independence Day celebration in Republic Square. “What a night Vanessa and I had tonight in the Capitol of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic,” Wilk posted in a Facebook status update about a dinner with the president and members of parliament.

“Vanessa kept insisting that the gentleman at the other table was Seal,” a singer. “I pooh poohed her until he was introduced!” “What an incredible trip we’ve been on,” Wilk wrote. The fall trip to Armenia is the fourth international junket by California lawmakers this year.

During the legislature’s spring break, 15 legislators participated in fact-finding trips to Poland and Taiwan, according to the Los Angeles Times. CalWatchdog.com first reported on an eight-member legislative trip to Cuba with Sacramento lobbyist Darius Anderson. One legislator that participated in the Cuba junket remains unidentified.

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