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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Republican Latino denied entry to Latino Legislative Caucus

Republican Assemblyman Rocky Chavez

Some Latinos are more equal than others
  • A GOP Latino Assemblyman was denied membership in the taxpayer funded Latino Caucus.
  • Personally I oppose race based legislative caucuses when our so-called "legislators" are supposed to represent all races, ethnic groups and religions in their districts. 

Earlier this month the California Latino Legislative Caucus was praised as an expression of inclusion and opportunity by outgoing Assembly Speaker John Perez (D-Los Angeles). But apparently that diversity does not include Republicans. A Latino Republican state legislator hasn't been allowed to join the Latino Caucus.

At a news conference Tuesday, members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus spoke in Spanish and talked about the upcoming One California event. One Latino member of the Assembly, however, says there is no inclusion for him. He was told he could not be a member.

"I asked to be a part of the Latino Caucus. I assumed I was going to be, but I was told that because I was a Republican I would not be part of the caucus," said California Assemblyman Rocky Chavez (R-Oceanside) reports ABC7 News.

Chavez says he wants to help the Latino community, but the president of the Latino Caucus says Chavez should form his own caucus, a caucus of one.
"What is surprising is the Latino Caucus is supposed to fighting against discrimination and now they are discriminating," said Luis Alvarado, a political consultant who says the caucus is a partisan group.

"At taxpayer expense, because us taxpayers pay for the staff that supports the Latino Caucus and their website, so there should be some uproar from the Latino community for this," said Alvarado.
(Assemblyman Rocky Chavez)

76th Assembly District
Republican Assemblyman Rocky Chavez represents 
northern San Diego County.

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