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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Latino Republican backed in open Assembly seat

Mario for Assembly.com

The Big Bucks Are Pouring In
  • Independent groups have spent $534,000 so far to elect Latino Republican Mario de la Piedra to an open State Assembly seat.

With only days before the primary election, the campaign for Ventura County's open 44th Assembly District has become a million-dollar contest -- $1.18 million, to be exact.

Reports filed with the secretary of state on Thursday show that the three candidates -- Democrat Jacqui Irwin and Republicans Mario de la Piedra and Rob McCoy -- have combined to take in more than $600,000 in contributions and special interest groups have spent $534,000.
All of the independent expenditures made by interest groups have been in support of de la Piedra.With only one Democrat on the ballot, it is likely the key decision to be made by voters on June 3 will be to select which of the two Republicans will advance to the general election in November to face Irwin reports McClatchy-Tribune News.
Republican Rob McCoy
Endorsed by Rand Paul & Tom McClintock
The 44th District, which includes Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Camarillo, Oxnard and Port Hueneme, is expected to be one of the most competitive legislative races in California this year. The seat became open when incumbent Republican Jeff Gorell decided to run for the House of Representatives.
The reports show Irwin is the leading fundraiser, having taken in $315,295 in contributions this year, including $153,878 during the most recent reporting period, from March 18 through May 17. As she geared up for the election over the past two months, Irwin also has been a prolific spender, reporting expenditures of $255,288 over the period. Those expenditures left her with an account balance of $49,235.
McCoy took in $103,152 in contributions over the period, bringing his year-to-date fundraising total to $219,452. He reported $167,264 in expenditures. Because his expenditures include $68,121 in unpaid bills, he was able to end the period with a substantial balance in his account, $93,330.
De la Piedra, the last to enter the race when he filed just before the early March deadline, continues to lag behind in fundraising. He reported $72,987 in contributions over the two-month period, to bring his total contributions this year to $106,883.
He spent $77,170 during the period, to end it with an account balance of $61,468.

44th State Assembly District
West of Los Angeles, Ventura County's 44th Assembly District is a "swing" seat that is 38% Democrat, 36% Republican and 26% Independents and smaller political parties.

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