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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sriracha hot sauce maker considers moving to Texas - Democrats drive jobs out of California

Texas state Rep. Jason Villalba, Republican-Dallas

Gone to Texas?
  • Insane California big government regulations can bankrupt a small business just with the legal fees to defend yourself from harassment.
  • In the Sriracha case, data provided by the AQMD showed the majority of complaints came from four households
  • Officials from Alabama, Philadelphia, Louisiana, Kansas, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, Arizona, New Mexico, West Virginia and Washington offered a potential relocation.

Sriracha hot sauce may leave the Los Angeles area city of Irwindale for a new home in the Lone Star State.

Huy Fong Foods CEO David Tran Wednesday invited a Texas lawmaker into his Azusa Canyon Road manufacturing plant to observe the facility’s operation before he considers moving the popular hot sauce factory to Texas.

“(I) would first like to cordially invite you to come visit (the) facility in Irwindale so you can observe firsthand our operations as well as to assess whether there is any potential issues that may affect your residences before the company considers moving to Texas,” said a letter Tran addressed to Texas state Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Dallas reports the Pasadena Star Mews.

Villalba released a press release Monday  extolling the virtues of doing business in Texas and implored Tran to consider relocating his facility there.

“Just meet with us. Let us tell you what is possible by moving your operations to Texas. You will not be disappointed,” Villalba wrote.

The exchange came on the heels of the Irwindale City Council’s vote last week, which declared the Sriracha factory has created a public nuisance. Residents began filing complaints with the city last fall of a strong chili odor emanating from the factory that caused their eyes to burn, nosebleeds and induced coughing fits.

Huy Fong’s Executive Operations Officer Donna Lam said Tran was “disappointed and discouraged” by the Council’s decision.

Lam said Tran is also extending his invitation to any other municipalities that are interested in having Sriracha call their city its home.

Officials from Alabama, Philadelphia, Louisiana, Kansas, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, Arizona, New Mexico, West Virginia, Washington and other cities in California have also courted Tran and offered a potential relocation, Lam said.

Tran has already surveyed his employees to see who would be willing to relocate if the company did move.

The city of Irwindale filed a lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods in October because of the odor, which neighbors say is heightened during the chili grinding season that began in late August and lasted through mid-November.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge denied the city’s request for a temporary restraining order, which would have shut down operations at the facility, but instead issued a preliminary injunction that prohibits Huy Fong from any operations that create the odor. The case is expected to go to trial in November.

Court records show the complaints began with City Councilman H. Manuel Ortiz’s son and about a dozen other residents submitted testimony. Data from the South Coast Air Quality Management District showed that it has received 61 complaints from residents since October, the majority of which came from four households.

Meanwhile, Huy Fong has been working with the AQMD to test air quality inside the facility. Huy Fong’s attorney John Tate told the council last week the company would have carbon filters installed at the plant by June 1.

The Sriracha Factory
Driving jobs out of California

GOP Governor Rick Perry Welcomes Sriracha
and Their Jobs to Texas.

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