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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Monday, April 21, 2014

California disenfranchises 1.2 million voters - It's called "reform"

You are so Screwed
  • An L.A. Times article is circulating through different formats and newspapers of the People's Republic about the corrupt top two primary in June.
  • The GOP and the Democrats cut a corrupt deal to ban all smaller opposition parties and independent candidates from the November general election ballot. 
  • In addition all write-in votes have been declared illegal and will not be counted by the corrupt two party Oligarchy in Sacramento.

With the approach of only the second election since the enactment of the “jungle” primary — the first featuring candidates for statewide office — some argue that the change has had a decidedly undemocratic effect, muzzling the voices of small-party candidates.

  • The Green Party, the American Independent Party and other minor groups will now rarely — if ever — appear on the general election ballot, even though they represent 1.2 million people. And they could eventually find themselves out of existence in California, the critics fear.
  • “It’s just a violation of voting rights,” said Richard Winger, a Libertarian and publisher of the San Francisco-based Ballot Access News, “because the right to vote includes the right of the choice.”
  • Anti-war and social justice activist Cindy Sheehan, running for governor as a member of the Peace and Freedom Party, paints a more dire picture. “It seems designed to kill our parties,” Sheehan said.

The occasional third-option candidate has won in California. The Green Party’s Audie Bock won a state Assembly seat in a special election in 1999. Another Green Party member, Gayle McLaughlin, was elected mayor of Richmond in 2006 reports the Redding Record Searchlight.

In other states, Angus King won a U.S. Senate seat in Maine in 2012, and Lincoln Chafee won the Rhode Island gubernatorial contest in 2010, without party affiliations. Reform Party candidate Jesse Ventura won the Minnesota governorship in 1998.

Such candidates can shape campaigns even if they don’t win, Hasen said, citing the effect of an unaffiliated Ross Perot on the 1992 presidential contest.

“His mantra was deficit reduction, and it became a major factor in the campaign,” Hasen said. “In fact, it became something Bill Clinton adopted as one of his priorities. It never would have happened if not for Perot. ... Losing minor parties does make the debate less rich.”

The Green, Libertarian, and Peace and Freedom parties are pressing a lawsuit on appeal in state court alleging disenfranchisement and other harms, with a new argument filed April 3. And an Assembly bill that would reduce the level of support required for a minority-party candidate to be recognized by the state will be the subject of an upcoming hearing.

Governor Jesse Ventura (Reform Party)
In recent history third parties and independents have been elected Governors of five states: Minnesota, Maine, Alaska, Connecticut and Rhode Island. 
But these free multi-candidate elections have been banned in California by order of the Democrats and Republicans.  The corrupt major parties want to prevent any competition to their Rule of, by and for the Elites.  Under California's corrupt rules Jesse Ventura would have never even appeared on the November ballot.

The people of California are only be able to vote for the major parties and all write-in voted have been declared illegal and will not be counted.
Elections have no meaning in the People's Republic.
(Minnesota Gubernatorial Election)

A Free Election in Minnesota


Gubernatorial Election, Minnesota
ReformJesse Ventura773,71336.99%n/a
RepublicanNorm Coleman717,35034.29%-29.04%
DFLHubert H. "Skip" Humphrey III587,52828.09%-6.02%
GreenKen Pentel7,0340.34%n/a
LibertarianFrank Germann1,9320.09%-0.80%
GrassrootsChris Wright1,7270.08%-1.12%
People's ChampionFancy Ray McCloney9190.04%n/a
Socialist WorkersThomas Fiske7870.04%-0.14%
Reform gain from RepublicanSwing


The National Assembly of Quebec

Free Elections in Canada - Not California

A few days ago Quebec, Canada held their provincial elections. 

In truly free elections the voters had 19 political parties and independents to select from.  Four parties gained enough support to elect them members to the National Assembly.
All over the world voters have democracy.
  • Japan  -  11 parties on their last election ballot and 9 parties elected to their House of Representatives.
  • Brazil  -   24 parties on their last election ballot and 21 parties elected to their Chamber of Deputies.
  • Germany  -  24 parties on their last election ballot and 5 parties elected to the Bundestag.
  • United Kingdom  -  58 parties on their last election ballot and 11 parties elected to the Parliament.
  • Israel  -  32 parties on their last election ballot and 13 parties elected to the Knesset.

You get the idea . . . . Democracy everywhere, except in California.

Warning to American Readers
Please do not be frightened.  The Quebec election chart below is typical of democratic nations all over the world from South Korea to Poland to Mexico to India.

All over the world voters have many different real political parties to choose from on their ballots.  That is called freedom.  While in the U.S. you are only allowed the choice of two corrupt Washington D.C. funded parties.

Don't worry.  Soon you will forget this article and go back to your dream-world thinking that you live in a democracy.
Summary of the April 7, 2014, National Assembly of Quebec election results
PartyParty leaderCandidatesSeatsPopular vote
2012Dissol.Seats won#%
LiberalPhilippe Couillard1255049701,757,07541.52
Parti QuébécoisPauline Marois1245454301,074,11525.38
Coalition Avenir QuébecFrançois Legault122191822975,60723.05
Québec solidaireFrançoise David
Andrés Fontecilla
Option nationaleSol Zanetti11630,6970.73
GreenAlex Tyrrell4423,1630.55
ConservativeAdrien Pouliot6016,4290.39
    Independent/No designation11215,3610.36
Parti nulRenaud Blais247,5390.18
Bloc PotHugô St-Onge142,6900.06
Marxist–LeninistPierre Chénier242,0160.05
EquitablePatricia Domingos51,6450.04
Party without a partyFrank Malenfant5*1,2910.03
Mon pays le QuébecClaude Dupré6*5210.01
Autonomist TeamGuy Boivin54000.01
Unité NationalePaul Biron32410.00
Quebec – Democratic RevolutionRobert Genesse11630.00
Parti indépendantisteMichel Lepage11260.00
Quebec Citizens' UnionMarc-André Lacroix1580.00

  • Voter turnout: 71.43%

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