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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jerry Brown looks to rig California elections

Crooked Bastard Alert!
  • Socialist Democrats are frightened to death of free elections and passed a bill allowing government agencies to raid the offices of their opponents during and election campaign.
  • Nothing to see here.  Move along.  This is only a needed "reform" of the law.

The People's Republic of California's ethics and tax agencies now have more power to conduct campaign finance investigations under a law signed by Comrade Governor Jerry Brown.

The law gives the Fair Political Practices Commission and the Franchise Tax Board the ability to begin audits during an election campaign.  The campaigns only need to be "suspected" of illegal activities, even if campaign statements or finance reports have not yet been filed.

TRANSLATION  -  The corrupt power broker Elites in Sacramento are going to fuck over their political enemies at election time.  Imagine the visual image of cops raiding the office of a candidate two weeks before election day and walking out with files on live TV.

It also explicitly allows the commission to seek an injunction in Superior Court to compel disclosure.

Brown signed the bill, AB 800, into law "to strengthen the public’s right-to-know in California political campaigns,” said Jim Evans, a spokes-hole for the governor.

Assemblyman Rich Gordon (D-Menlo Park), the bill's author, said the measure improves the commission's effectiveness in the current campaign finance landscape, particularly the increasing involvement of nonprofit groups in elections spending. The law makes changes to the Political Reform Act, a 1974 initiative that set rules for disclosure of money in politics.

"This bill will give the FPPC the tools to make sure voters get what they asked for when they approved the Political Reform Act," Gordon said.

TRANSLATION  -  Dare to oppose your Masters and we will do an IRS-Tea Party screw job on you that you will remember for the rest of your life.
Erin Peth, executive director of the Fair Political Practices Commission, hailed the law as "a big step towards ensuring that campaign laws are followed before the election, when it matters."
Opponents had argued the measure gave the commission too much authority during the election season. Jason Kaune, president of the California Political Attorneys Assn., said last month that the measure allows the agency to "insert itself into the political process before an election and before an alleged violator has even filed a disclosure form."
The bill, which required a two-thirds vote, cleared the Legislature last month, in the narrow window when Democrats had a supermajority in both houses.

See more at the Los Angeles Times.

Democrat Corruption
Comrade Obama directed his boot-licking lackeys in the IRS to crush political opposition, end free speech and rig elections at the Federal level. 
The corrupt one-party controlled California legislature saw their marching orders.  They used their temporary two-thirds majority in the legislature to ram through a bill making it "legal" to use the police power of the state to rape their political opponents during an election.

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