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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Illegal Aliens and Insurance Industry Corruption

Follow the Money Trail
Drivers licenses for illegal aliens also lines the pockets
of the corrupt auto insurance industry.

"Corruptus in Extremis"  -  Fruitcake California Governor Jerry Brown's signing a bill giving illegal alien law breakers drivers licenses is a case of double corruption.  Of course corruption is just a day in the life of the People' Republic.

First, the liberal Democrats have turned their backs on American citizens of all races.  In the quest for Hispanic votes Democrats pander to the citizens of foreign nations allowing them to serve on juries, to working at polling places to ID laws that make it easier for them to live in this country.

But of equal importance, the corruption of forced auto insurance is deliberately overlooked by the lap-dog media.

The Democrats boasted about bringing illegal aliens into the into the system

The system they did not mention is the corrupt insurance-politician alliance where you are forced to labor and turn over your money to buy products you may not want.

The insurance industry stands to make countless millions from these newly licensed drivers.  In turn the industry fills the campaign treasuries of the corrupt politicians.

Scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

Forced insurance is big business, and the industry will lie, buy any politician and spend whatever is needed to keep the flow of cash coming.

Mercury Insurance billionaire founder George Joseph spent more than $16 million in 2012 on Proposition 33, his latest attempt to reframe the state's auto insurance laws to screw over car owners with higher rates.

Opponents, included the Consumer Watchdog Campaign. Opponents spent only about $276,000 on their successful campaign to defeat the insurance industry reports ABC News.

So welcome my illegal amigos from south of the border, or from China, India or wherever.  Welcome to Serfdom in California. 

Learn your lesson well.  Obey your corporate Masters and their paid for whore politicians.  Open you wallets wide and dig deep.

Government Puts a Gun to your Head.
A corrupt Big Government, bought and paid for by special interest insurance industry money, passes a law that you must buy insurance for your car.  If you don't then the full police power of the state comes down on your had. 
The paid off hack politicians of both parties will not even consider that you have a right to buy or not buy car insurance.  By "law" you have become a serf .  Forced to work against your will and having your earnings taken from you and given away to enrich others.
A free market does not exist.  So insurance rates are kept artificially high.

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