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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Actor Rob Schneider turns Republican, citing Democratic ‘disaster’

Rob Schneider
Lifelong Democrat turns Republican

Just a few weeks shy of his 50th birthday, movie and TV star Rob Schneider has announced that he is switching his lifelong political affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

The man who gave us “Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo,” SNL’s iconic “Rich, the copy repair guy” (think catchphrase comedy – “Makin’ copies!”) and a host of other roles in mostly Adam Sandler produced movies made the announcement to PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell.
But Schneider didn’t just change parties, he also made a ringing endorsement for California Assemblyman Tim Donnelley’s run for Governor of California.
In a surprisingly candid interview, Schneider ties the Democratic supermajority in California’s legislature to the lack of work for actors in Hollywood reports The Blaze.
“The state of California is a mess, and the super majority of Democrats is not working. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat and I have to switch over because it no longer serves the people of this great state. The last time I made a movie was seven years ago, and that’s because we’re not being competitive,” he said.
Rob Schneider added to his case for less government by talking about the vitamin company that he owns with a friend, “We moved out of the state because of over regulation. It isn’t helping businesses. We’re chasing businesses away.”
The newly-minted Republican made note of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s visit that actually pulled businesses out of California and enticed them to come to Texas.
Schneider summed up his opening statement by saying, “Another four years of a Democratic administration will be a disaster, as it already has been.”

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