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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Why does the Calif. GOP oppose democracy? - It is time to reform the party.

Abe Lincoln re-enactor, Robert Broski, poses for a photo at a previous
California GOP convention in Los Angeles.
The GOP - A top-down unelected oligarchy
  • I say, "Who the Hell cares about the GOP."  At least in its current form.
  • The California GOP claims we should vote Republican, but the party has no interest in you or your opinions.
  • Republicans should energize the voter base, adopt democracy and actually allow average Republicans to elect delegates to the state convention.

By Gary;

The California GOP convention in Anaheim just ended. 

Let's bottom line it.  Who gives a shit?  I sure don't.

The state Republican Party is an top-down unelected oligarchy that represents no one except the corrupt Sacramento power brokers.  The "party" resembles more of a political action committee that is funded by big money special interests than a real party representing its membership.

The voting members of the state party are appointed by the GOP Congressmen, State Senators, Assemblymen and losing party candidates.  The average Republican is told to go away - nothing to see here.

We are not living in an ancient Roman dictatorship.  We are supposed to be living in a free nation.  If that is the case let's have reform and adopt democracy.

The 80 California State Assembly Districts.

A new kind of Republican Convention
Let's have 80 local GOP Conventions to
elect delegates to the state convention.

Every state party can set their own policies.  To energize the base of voters the GOP needs to get them involved in the workings of the party itself.

The state is already divided up into 80 State Assembly districts for the legislature. 

Designate a Saturday for Republicans registered in the party for at least one year to gather in 80 local conventions based on Assembly District lines.  There they can openly debate issues of importance to their local communities and select delegates to the state GOP convention.

Some "crazy" people might call this democracy.

Each district would have at lease three delegates.  Those districts with more registered Republicans would be assigned more delegates on a sliding scale.

Huge Publicity  -  Think of the Iowa Caucuses and the massive positive publicity they generate for Conservatism and the GOP.  The voice of the average party member is sought out and given power.

The caucuses are a from the bottom up democratic movement.  The state GOP is a from the top down oligarchy that could care less that the lowly party member is even alive.

Reform is long overdue.  But reform is also good politics.

A Blast from the Past.
Back in the olden days when the Republican Party in California actually mattered.
William Jennings Bryan (left), Republican Governor Hiram Johnson, and Robert F. Rae on steps outside Governor's Mansion, Sacramento, Calif.

A Blast from the Past
February 1946 - Republican Governor Earl Warren signs bill providing $7,000,000 for medical school at Los Angeles campus of the University of California.

A Blast from the Past.
California Senator Richard Nixon at the 1952 GOP Convention.

A Blast from the Past
California Governor Ronald Reagan meets with President Richard Nixon.

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