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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jerry Brown Rapes the Sacramento Delta - Again

"Corruptus in Extremis"
A Corrupt new report from Jerry Brown's own agency 
praises Brown's Delta twin tunnels plan.

As a John Muir Conservative Conservationist I am royally pissed off at the massive bipartisan support for Jerry Brown's vicious rape of the California Delta.

A corrupt report released Monday says building massive tunnels in the Delta to move water to Southern California farms and homes would create jobs.

SHOCK - A report written by Jerry Brown's own agency praises the wisdom of Jerry Brown.  Fuck Brown.  This grossly overpriced tunnel is a massive payoff to the labor unions and business interests that finance campaigns for both parties in California.  That is one reason the GOP is silent or supportive.

The report, mostly favorable to the idea of building the twin tunnels, was released by the California Natural Resources Agency, which is part of Gov. Jerry Brown's administration.
Opponents of the plan remained unconvinced Monday reports KCRA News.
"The large, subsidized, corporate water interests, they would get most of the water," said Bob Wright, an attorney with Friends of the River, an organization that has consistently spoken against the plan. "So, there would be subsidies all over the place here, taxpayers getting the shaft, urban and suburban ratepayers in Southern California getting the shaft."

Brown's Corruption
Governor Moonbeam tried to rape the Delta in 1982 but was defeated by the voters.  Today he is doing a vicious "back door" rape where local agencies finance the tunnels and the voters have no say what so ever. . . . but the voters get to pay the bill through higher water rates.

Meanwhile the Common People dare to speak up

Several dozen Discovery Bay and San Joaquin County residents are protesting the Bay Area Delta Conservation Plan.
Many said they fear the twin tunnels project would devastate the Delta.
It’s Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to build two giant water tunnels that would send water from the Delta to Southern California.

"If the tunnels go on, we won't have the kind of environment here we live, swim and play in," Discovery Bay resident Amanda Dove said.

The project would have devastating effects on the community of 14,000, Dove added.
"The water would be sludgy -- and a concern is salt water from the Bay would get in here and destroy our habitat," Dove said.
So, dozens of people chartered a bus to attend the meeting of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan in Sacramento.
"We are getting on (a) bus because this is the only way to save the Delta and our community. We have to stop the tunnels," said Jan McCleery, from the California Delta Alliance.
"The farmers here need fresh water for irrigation, and if we get salt water, it will ruin the crops," Discovery Bay resident Arnold Plonczak said.

Read more: KCRA News.com

Save The Delta from Jerry Brown

Rape the Delta in order to water golf courses and
front lawns in Southern California.

Desalination Plants
Rather than rape the Delta how about building desalination plants on the coast and ship that water to homes and farms?

Sacramento Delta Must be Saved for Future Generations.

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