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Saturday, August 17, 2013

California Unemployment Jumps Up to 8.7%

Welcome to Democrat Socialism
The government tries hard to cover up the massive increase in poverty with underemployment and people just giving up.

Don't you just love the policies of Democratic Socialism?
  • Massive tax increases on job creators.
  • Most of the job "growth" being in low paying businesses.
  • Workers forced by Socialist Obamacare policies to become part time and thus poorer.
  • Government regulations preventing job growth in high paying industries like oil.
  • The legalization and importation of millions of new workers to compete directly with American citizens for jobs.
  • Huge increases in welfare and food stamps.

Unemployment increased in California and Sacramento last month, state officials said today.

The statewide unemployment rate jumped two-tenths of a percent, to 8.7 percent, even though employers added 38,100 jobs during July.

In Sacramento, unemployment rose to 8.9 percent from 8.4 percent in June reports the Fresno Bee.

The region lost 13,500 jobs. The biggest cutback was in local government, 10,900 jobs, which was described as a seasonal event.

Private education also shed 700 jobs.

There were some quirks in the data: Construction lost 500 jobs despite evidence that that housing market is picking up momentum.
Assemblywoman Diane Harkey, a Republican from Dana Point who expects to run for the state Board of Equalization next year, added a note of caution.

Not only did the unemployment rate increase, but state tax revenues fell $266 million below the state Department of Finance's forecast for July, the first month of the fiscal year. Democrats who control the state Legislature have been lobbying to increase spending on social programs, but Harkey supported the conservative approach adopted by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, reports KPCC.
She said consumers and business owners may be reacting to temporary income and sales tax increases sought by Brown and approved by voters last year, and to uncertainty over the looming potential costs of the federal Affordable Care Act.

"Whenever you make huge changes, that can affect the bottom line," said Harkey, vice chairwoman of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. "You're going to cut back on employing people and do with what you have. I think all of these things are starting to hit home."

The Classics are Best - Original Obamaphone Lady
Socialism - Free shit for everyone.  Don't worry, some
other guy somewhere will pay the bill.

Unemployment Varies Significantly Throughout California

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