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Monday, August 12, 2013

Cindy Sheehan runs for Governor & the corruption of California elections

The Great Liars & Tax Increasers
Dimbulb GOP Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado and his Sith Master Arnold.

Abel Maldonado Just Screwed Himself
And it could not happen to a bigger prick.

Dipshit Abel Maldonado's corrupt deal with the Democrats to ban small political parties from general election ballots will keep Cindy Sheehan out of the running and dooms Maldonado's race for Governor before it starts.

Antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan plans to run next year for California governor, according to state Peace and Freedom Party officials.

Sheehan won the endorsement of the party's state central committee and is expected to announce her candidacy or the formation of an exploratory committee "probably in a couple of weeks," C.T. Weber, a member of the state party's executive committee.

A statement on a Peace and Freedom Party website quoted Sheehan as saying she wants to run for governor "primarily because I believe that California should be leading the nation in peace, education, health care, sustainable/renewable energy and democracy," reports the Sacramento Bee.

Sheehan, 56, gained notoriety for protesting outside President George W. Bush's Texas ranch after her son, Casey, was killed in Iraq in 2004. She made a failed bid for vice president last year alongside Roseanne Barr as the Peace and Freedom Party's candidates.

Running as an independent against U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi in 2008, Sheehan came in second with about 16 percent of the vote, finishing ahead of the Republican in the race.

Her gubernatorial prospects may be long. The incumbent, Democrat Jerry Brown, has raised more than $10 million for his re-election campaign. The Peace and Freedom Party's last gubernatorial candidate, Carlos Alvarez, received just less than 1 percent of the vote in 2010.

Because of her notoriety, Sheehan should do better than that, Weber said. Asked if he thought she has a chance of defeating Brown, he said, "I would really appreciate it if she did."

Bi-Partisan Corruption
Antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan plans to run next year for California Governor.
But both the Democrats and the GOP worked together to make sure that all smaller political parties and independents would be effectively banned from all future November ballots.  You are living in a fantasy world if you believe we live in a democracy.
Sheehan racked up 46,118 votes in her race against Nancy Pelosi (below).  The last thing Democrats want is for a prominent Leftist to appear on the November ballot and draw votes away from Jerry Brown.
Republicans feel the same way about challenges from the Right.  So they worked with Democrats to make sure that only the top two primary vote getters appear in November.  By "magic" those top two candidates are 99% Democrats and Republican.

2008 Race for Congress

United States House of Representatives elections, 2008
DemocraticNancy Pelosi (incumbent)204,99671.7%
IndependentCindy Sheehan46,11816.1%
RepublicanDana Walsh27,6149.7%
LibertarianPhilip Zimt Berg6,5042.3%
Voter turnout%
Democratic hold

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