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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Insanity - $558,625 in pay for new Santa Ana city manager

 "Corruptus in Extremis"
$550,625 in pay for a city manager.  Post the job
for $195,000 and watch 5,000 people apply.

There are two possible reasons to overpay a key government worker:

  1. The city council is made up of fucking idiots.  or
  2. It is hush money (like the corrupt, overpaid city of Bell employees) to make sure the city manager does not make waves and allows the powers that be a free hand with the city treasury.

Santa Ana has hired away Phoenix's city manager and has agreed to an annual salary and benefits package of more than half a million dollars, instantly making him one of the highest paid city employees in California.

David Cavazos, a longtime Phoenix employee who rose through the ranks from intern to city manager during his 26-year tenure, would have a total compensation package of $558,625 in his first year in Santa Ana.

Only the city manager in tiny Indian Wells is listed as having a higher salary and benefits package at $677,172, according to the state controller's office, which most recently released data for 2011. That paycheck included a severance payout to the city manager, who was stepping down reports the Los Angeles Times.

Here is what stinks.  In Santa Ana (population 330,000), Cavazos will earn $558,625.  As the chief executive in Phoenix, which has a population of 1.47 million, his base salary was $317,000.  Vastly more money for a much, much smaller city.

With benefits, the city expects to pay Cavazos $558,625 in the first year of his contract, with the figure dropping to $515,000 in his second and third year, according to a report prepared for the City Council.

Among the benefits Cavazos will receive are $36,000 for housing in the first year and $24,000 per year after that. In addition, he will receive $7,500 in moving expenses, several sick and vacation days, and insurance benefits.

Phoenix officials gave Cavazos a $78,000 pay raise late last year, boosting his base salary to $315,000. The raise sparked controversy there.

Bullshit Alert  -  "I'm not leaving for the money. I'm not going there for the money. Just like I came here for an opportunity, I'm going to Santa Ana for an opportunity."

I can smell that line of shit right through my computer.

Overpaid Hack
David Cavazos will receive a total compensation package
of $558,625 in his first year in Santa Ana compared
to $317,000 for the larger city of Phoenix where
he worked for 26 years.

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