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Friday, March 1, 2013

Jerry Brown signs racist casino bill

Racist Democrat legislators say Hispanic Jennifer Lopez is
not allowed to own casinos in California because of her race.
Racist Casino Bill Signed by Jerry Brown
  • Democrats grant another Indian Casino monopoly in Inyo County in exchange for a "piece of the action".
  • Racist Democrats prevent Americans of Hispanic, African, Asian or European heritage from owning casinos.

People's Republic Comrade Governor Jerry Brown has signed an agreement authorizing a new racially based gambling casino monopoly on the reservation of a tiny, micro Native American tribe just east of the Kings Canyon National Park in Inyo County.

In yet another corrupt casino deal, racist Democrats granted a new gambling monopoly to an Indian tribe.  By California law Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Europeans are banned from owning casinos in the People's Republic.  Only government approved races are allowed to enter into the business.

Brown signed the tribal-state compact Thursday with the Fort Independence Indian Community of Paiute Indians, a federally recognized tribe. The agreement allows for as many as 800 slot machines reports the Contra Costa Times..  In a PR move for the public the compact claims to included provisions to protect employees and patrons, as well as measures to protect the environment during the construction and operation of the facility. The agreement also funds local programs that address gambling addiction.

The tribe will share up to 10 percent of the revenue with tribes that are not gaming or that are otherwise not substantially benefiting from gaming.

An Almost Non-Existent Tribe 

Aside from racism, Democrats made a corrupt deal with a band of Indians so tiny they virtually do not exist. 

Two Questions:

  1. Who are the behind the scenes movers and shakers who are financing and running the casino with the Indians acting as the front group?
  2. How much campaign money flowed to Democrats to make this deal happen?

Enrollment into the tribe is based on the original allotees at the time, 1999, when the tribe's Article of Association where adopted and all living descendants of the original allottees who have a minimum of 1/16 Indian blood quantum, who are not enrolled in other tribes.

The Fort Independence Reservation is a federally recognized Indian reservation with an total area of 356 acres in Inyo County.  It was established in 1915.  In 1990, the reservation was 234 acres larges with a population of 38 Indians.

In 2011 the reservation population was a "massive" 86 people.


Racist Democrats say Americans like Lucy Liu are not allowed to own a casino
because she is Chinese.

Racist Democrat legislators say, "If you are at least 1/16th Indian blood
then you can own a casino.  Blacks need not apply."

Racist Democrat legislators say because Samuel L. Jackson is black
he is not allowed to own a casino in California.

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