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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A labor "shortage" while we pay people not to work

Americans could learn from China
Somehow the Chinese (as well as Russians, Egyptians, Turks & Scots) have managed to harvest their crops for thousands of years without importing Mexican labor.

Racism  -  It is official government policy that only Hispanics should get their hands dirty with hard work
  • Both Liberals and Conservatives in California feel hard work is beneath the dignity of "modern" Americans.  About 33% of everyone on welfare in the U.S. is in California.
  • Democrats and Republicans have agreed to take taxpayer money and pay Americans to do nothing.  There is an implied racism, Americans are too good to work at hard jobs.


The American work ethic is nearly dead.  There is a massive shortage of farm workers in California and other states.  But those jobs go unfilled while Americans are paid not to work for a living.

Tighter U.S. immigration enforcement, as well as brutal cartel-driven violence along the Mexican border, have deterred many potential workers from attempting to cross.

Amid a rebounding economy in Mexico, Mexican farms are facing their own labor shortage and have plenty of work to offer at home.

The upshot, according to the California Farm Bureau Federation, is that more than 70 percent of state agricultural producers anticipate a worker shortage starting this spring and worsening though the growing season.

Some officials estimate the labor force could fall by more than 80,000 farmworkers – down from the 450,000 workers whom farmers have come to rely on for the peak harvest of late summer reports the Miami Herald.

SHOCK  -  African Americans can be farmers.
But California welfare pays African Americans to do nothing and be the helpless, apathetic
wards of the state instead of learning jobs skills.

SHOCK  -  European Americans can work in the farming industry.
But California welfare pays European Americans to do nothing and be the helpless, apathetic
wards of the state instead of learning jobs skills. 
MIRACLE PEARS: Two women agricultural workers packing pears in Littlerock, Calif.  Beverly Balmer, foreground, and Hulda Hamm sort pears in Bones & Son packinghouse, Littlerock, where packers were promised 25 cents of for each "wormy" pear.
Date 24 August 1946
Los Angeles Times photographic archive, UCLA Library

"Basically, we're running out of low-skilled workers. People simply are not doing farm work to the extent they were doing before," said J. Edward Taylor, a University of California, Davis, economist who has studied the migration of farmworkers from Mexico.

Farm lobbyists and elected officials are discussing remedies that include granting legal status to more than 1 million undocumented farmworkers in the United States and establishing an expanded guest worker visa program for agriculture to ensure a steady supply of laborers.

Amid intensifying debate over U.S. immigration policy, agricultural interests, a bipartisan congressional panel is calling for changes in farm labor policies that range from detailed proposals to more generalized statements.

Agricultural Workforce Coalition, includes the Agricultural Council of California, the California Grape and Tree Fruit League and the Western Growers Association propose:

  • Create two guest worker programs: one for seasonal laborers who could work up to 11 months before returning to home countries for 30 days; another for laborers working one-year renewable contracts with provisions to return home for 30 days over a three-year period.
  • Grant legal work status for experienced undocumented farmworkers living in the United States in exchange for their agreeing to a multiyear obligation to work in agriculture.
Up to the middle of the 20th Century Americans of all racial backgrounds somehow managed to plant and harvest their own crops without importing labor.

America the Lazy.
Big Government has told Americans not to worry about working or learning.  The Marxist Welfare State will provide for your wants and government will dumb down the schools so you will "feel better" and not be challenged.

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