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Sunday, March 24, 2013

California unemployment keeps increasing

Southern and Central California regions see job losses
  • The one-party Socialist Democrat People's Republic of California does everything in its power to slow down, drive out and tax those "evil" capitalists who create jobs and wealth. 
  • Socialist Democrats subsidize the Looter and Moocher class with endless welfare, food stamps, corrupt union contracts and a Bullet Train teat for the business community and unions to suck on.
  • No sane businessman would start a brand new company in the People's Republic when they can go to tax and regulation friendly Nevada, Texas or Florida.

Unemployment rates rose in Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire in January and both regions posted significant job losses, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday.

L.A. County's unemployment rate hit 10.4 percent in January. That was up from 10.3 percent the previous month but well below the year-ago rate of 11.6 percent.

Total nonfarm employment fell by 81,000 jobs in January, although the region posted a 2 percent year-over-year gain of 73,800 jobs reports the Los Angeles Daily News.

The Inland Empire saw a bigger rise in unemployment. Its jobless rate jumped to 11.5 percent in January compared with 11 percent the previous month. But that was still significantly lower than 12.7 a year earlier.

Los Angeles County's biggest declines for January were in trade, transportation and utilities, which lost 25,900 jobs - mostly in the retail trade sector.

The information sector suffered the second biggest decline with 15,400 jobs lost, and 14,000 of those jobs were in motion picture and sound recording.

Other significant job losses occurred in accommodation and food services (down 6,300), leisure and hospitality (down 9,900), educational and health services (down 7,000) and government (down 6,300).

The county's construction sector lost 800 jobs.

The Inland Empire's biggest employment decline for January also came in trade, transportation and utilities with 10,900 jobs lost.

Other notable losses occurred in educational and health services (down 3,200), construction (down 2,400), government (down 1,900) and professional and business services (down 1,500).

Here are the JANUARY 2013 Central Valley unemployment rates, followed by those from December 2012, which are in parentheses. All are estimates:

• Butte County, 12.7 percent; (11.6 percent)
• Fresno County, 16.0 percent; (14.9 percent)
• Kern County, 14.1 percent; (13.5 percent)
• Kings County, 16.7 percent; (14.4 percent)
• Madera County, 13.6 percent; (13.9 percent)
• Merced County, 18.4 percent; (17.2 percent)
• Sacramento County, 10.3 percent; (9.9 percent)
• San Joaquin County, 15.5 percent; (14.5 percent)
• Stanislaus County, 15.6 percent; (15.0 percent)
• Tulare County, 16.8 percent; (15.7 percent)
• Yolo County, 12.7 percent; (11.7 percent)
• Yuba County, 16.6 percent; (15.8 percent)

The state’s highest unemployment rate in JANUARY was 27.7 percent in Colusa County. The lowest JANUARY jobless rate was in Marin County at 5.5 percent.

(Central Valley Business Times)


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