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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Felons given "free" taxpayer funded housing

Hard work  -  Now illegal in the People's Republic.
In the "olden days" convicts had to pay back society for their crimes with hard work such as building roads or firebreaks in the mountains.  Today they sit on the asses in prison doing nothing and then get "free" taxpayer subsidized housing when they are released.  A liberal's wet-dream come true.

Democrats vote to move released convicted felons ahead of law abiding citizens for "free" taxpayer subsidized housing

  • A Socialist liberal wet-dream come true.
  • Remember, always bow down and worship your Liberal Puppetmasters.

The insanity of the People's Republic of California never ends.

The touchy-feely Democrat controlled Los Angeles Board of Supervisors voted to move supposedly "homeless" released convicted felons to the head of the line so they can get free taxpayer subsidized housing ahead of those who obey the law.

There was no word from the Commie scum Supervisors about what the victims of these criminals felt about having to pay taxes to fund free housing for felons.  But liberals and Socialists never give a flying fuck about the taxpayers.

The change would give ex-prisoners priority over thousands of non-offenders who are awaiting government housing assistance, officials  said.  The new plan waives a long-standing ban on homeless probationers and parolees obtaining housing subsidies reports the L.A. Times.

"With a waiting list in the thousands for Section 8 vouchers, it is irresponsible for convicted felons to leap ahead of law-abiding citizens who have patiently waited years for housing," said Republican Supervisor Michael Antonovich, the sole opponent to the housing agency's plan. "This deplorable policy sends the wrong message — commit a crime, receive Section 8 housing."

The housing authority has 22,000 vouchers under the Section 8 program.  Housing officials confirmed that if a parolee or probationer received one of the specially set-aside vouchers they could "jump the line" ahead of   those who obey the law in the general population who are waiting.

Lancaster officials are among those who have criticized the county's approval of the revised housing authority plan.

"I am absolutely appalled and disgusted that the Board of Supervisors would allow felons to cut the line for Section 8 housing benefits," Lancaster Republican Mayor R. Rex Parris said. "People who have played by the rules, led a clean life and have waited years to qualify for Section 8 housing now have to wait until criminals who are just out of prison take these valuable government-subsidized vouchers."
(Los Angeles Times)

The People's Republic of California.
Where everyone from illegal aliens to unions to multi-national corporations to released felons suck furiously on the teat of the treasury. 

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