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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bill requires warrant to track cell phones

SHOCK  -  A Democrat introduces a bill to protect us from
a 1984 Big Brother police state.

GOP is Invisible   -   A Democrat's bill requires a search warrant for the government to spy on your cell phone

  • GOP legislators are nowhere to be found on enforcing the Bill of Rights.
  • Time will tell if this will pass the legislature.

This sticks in my throat . . . . I hate to say it . . . . but three cheers to California Democrat Senator Mark Leno for standing up for the 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights and sticking it to the rise of a Big Brother state.  I have to be honest and must give Leno credit when credit is due.
Leno introduced a bill to prohibit government entities from obtaining location information from cellphones without a warrant.  The normally crazy State Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) proposed SB 1434, an amendment to the Penal Code, to clarify the use of this ubiquitous and near-constant data stream in our pockets.
“Unfortunately, California’s privacy laws have not kept up with the electronic age, and government agencies are frequently accessing this sensitive information without adequate oversight,” he said in a prepared statement.

Protect the Bill of Rights.

Where is the Republican Party?  -  The GOP is vaguely aware that real people exist in California and that many of us are concerned about the Bill of Rights and Big Brother.

This bill protecting the Bill of Rights should have been authored and sponsored by every single Republican in the legislature.  But Republicans appear to have no interest in the Constitution or even getting a good campaign issue at election time.

Indeed, the GOP is a party of idiots.

The American Civil Liberties Union did an audit of the policies and practices of law enforcement agencies around the country. The organization found that, for the majority of those that participated, it's not uncommon for cellphones to be virtually tailed using either the phone's own GPS or cellular triangulation without obtaining a warrant or subpoena reports the L.A. Times.

The U.S. Supreme Court has weighed in on warrantless searches using GPS technology more generally In United States vs. Jones. The justices held that law enforcement was essentially trespassing on private property by installing a device to track movements.

The cellphone is more pervasive, with its significant penetration in today's society. Reidenberg said that using cellphones for tracking "enables others to learn systematically everywhere I go every time I step out of my door." This takes activity in public that "may become something that's private" -- a pattern of behavior.

SB 1434 also aims to protect against long-term monitoring by limiting search warrants to a time frame no longer than is necessary and not exceeding 30 days.

State Senator Mark Leno

Leno bill backs religious freedom

Part II   -   Republicans missing in action again.

Senator Mark Leno introduced legislation that clarifies the religious freedom of clergy members in California. Senate Bill 1140 reaffirms the separation of church and state and clarifies under state law that no member of clergy will be required to perform a marriage that is contrary to his or her faith. SB 1140 also protects churches from losing their tax-exempt status if they refuse to perform a marriage that is contrary to their faith. The bill is sponsored by Equality California and California Council of Churches IMPACT.
 “With the recent appellate court decision on Proposition 8, we know that it is only a matter of time before same-sex couples in California will again have the freedom to marry,” said Senator Leno, D-San Francisco. “Under SB 1140, churches and clergy members who fear their religious views are threatened by allowing marriage for same-sex couples will have clear and solid protections under state law. Similarly, churches that welcome same-sex couples will be able to fully recognize those families within their faith.”

One would think Republicans would have some small interest in religious freedom.  But again they left it to Leno to take action and get the credit with voters on election day.

The leaders of the California Republican Party.
No wonder Republicans have been a minority in the state legislature for almost all of the last 60 years.  These fools would not know a good campaign issue if it bit them on the ass.

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