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Friday, May 1, 2015

Jerry Brown Lied, Moves Forward With Rape of Sacramento Delta

Jerry Brown - The Great Liar

  • Jerry Brown and the corrupt campaign money giving businessmen and labor unions looking to get government contracts, never intended to protect the Sacramento Delta.  
  • Promised protections are now being massively scaled back.  Look for even more reductions until the Delta becomes a dust bowl.

(AP) — California officials have dramatically scaled back the habitat restoration planned during construction of two massive tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to send water to farms and millions of people.
California Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Chuck Bonham told The Associated Press Wednesday that the project now calls for restoring 30,000 acres for wetland and wildlife habitat — down from 100,000 acres.
Governor Jerry Brown
(AP File Photo)
Bonham said the amount of land targeted for environmental improvements was revised because there was "too much complexity" in the original 50-year plan, given the need to get permits from federal wildlife agencies against a backdrop of uncertain future climate change impacts.
The original environmental improvements were projected to cost $8 billion, and officials said the new plans to be announced Thursday will cost about $300 million.
"We need to restore habitat in the Delta," Bonham said. "We've known that for a long time. There's no dispute there. Let's get going and do it."
The plan immediately prompted criticism from environmental and conservation groups.
Under development for eight years, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan calls for building two underground tunnels, 40 feet across and 30 miles long, to send water from the Sacramento River around the Delta. The water currently irrigates 3 million acres of farmland in the Central Valley and serves 25 million people as far south as San Diego. The projected cost of the tunnels is $15 million.
The plan, supported by Gov. Jerry Brown, is designed to stabilize water supplies for cities and farms south of the Delta. But it has drawn strong opposition from Delta farmers and environmentalists, who contend that the tunnels will allow salt water from San Francisco Bay to degrade the Delta's water quality and damage habitat for endangered salmon and tiny delta smelt.
State officials decided to split their plans for the Delta into two parts — the construction of the tunnels and efforts to restore wildlife habitat along waterways.
"Separating them doesn't change the science," said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of Restore the Delta and a critic of the plan. "The tunnels are going to leave us with a permanent drought in the Delta."
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Liar, liar, pants on fire.
Without a public vote, the Southern California water interests claim they want to build these massive water tunnels under the Sacramento Delta and not take any additional water.  
Come on now.  You want to build new tunnels in order NOT to take more water.  
Do you think we are all fucking stupid?

The Bessie Brady steamship on Owens Lake.
Before Los Angeles sucked it into a dry dust bowl, Owens Lake served the communities of the eastern Sierras.  Now the L.A. water interests say they need the Sacramento Delta water.  They say "Don't worry about a thing."
In Owens Valley on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Range, desert steamers once served the silver mining boom of the 1870’s. This curious maritime history began in 1872 when the first steamboat was christened on the saline waters of Owens Lake. The pioneer steamer, the Bessie Brady, proudly proclaimed to be "The Pioneer inland steamer of the Pacific Coast.” Though this was untrue, as steamers had already been used in Lake Tahoe in 1864, in Meadow Lake in 1866, and Donner Lake a few years later, the sight of a steamboat in the midst of Death Valley must have been a strange site.    

Owens "Lake" Today.
Los Angeles drained the Eastern Sierra Nevada lake dry and created a dust bowl environmental disaster as part the city's endless quest to suck down every drop of water.  Now the political hacks are leering at the beautiful Sacramento River Delta.

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