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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Independent voters outnumber the GOP

Voters Increasingly Reject Both Parties
  • They may reject the two large parties, but independents have no choices on the ballot.  They are force-fed a "choice" of only the two largest parties.
  • In the corrupt California top-two system all independent candidates and small opposition political parties have been banned from general election ballots and all write-in votes have been declared illegal and will not be counted.
  • Statewide Registration  -  Independent voters & 3rd parties now have a combined 29% of the registered voters in California but 0% of elected officials.  The GOP registration has collapsed to 28% and Democrats to 43%.

(Desert Dispatch)  -  Voters without a party preference comprise roughly 22 percent of the electorate in San Bernardino County, the third-largest group of voters here, while parties outside the major two remain minute in numbers, election data shows.

Of the 852,026 registered voters in the county, 38.2 percent are Democratic, 34.5 percent are Republican and 21.9 percent have no party preference, according to a county Election’s Office report of voter registration updated Oct. 26.

American Independents (3.6 percent) are the only other party or group who make up more than 1 percent of the countywide electorate, the report shows.
The article is about San Bernardino
County but it applies to all of
the People's Republic.

Neither the Americans Elect, Green, Libertarian or Peace and Freedom parties count more than 5,476 voters, and just less than 2,000 voters identify as being in “other” parties.

Looking at races for state Assembly and U.S. Congress, Democratic candidates John Coffey and Bob Conaway would have a difficult time, by numbers alone, competing with GOP rivals Jay Obernolte and Rep. Paul Cook if it were not for unaffiliated voters.

Of the 74,183 registered voters in the 33rd Assembly District, Republicans outnumber Democrats by more than 9,000. But with more than 42,000 voters, the no-party electorate figures to play a significant role in Tuesday’s election.

The same can be said in the 8th Congressional District, where 284,807 total voters there include 112,336 Republicans. But even with 20,000 less Democratic voters, there are 61,561 voters who do not claim a party.

In California, 23 percent of registered voters have no party preference, up from 10 percent two decades ago, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In the county’s 1st District, including the Victor Valley and outlying areas near Barstow, Republican voters are more prominent than their Democratic counterparts by a margin of 37.2 to 33.8 percent. No-party voters make up 22 percent of the electorate.

A wider margin exists in the county’s 3rd District, which encompasses Barstow, where 40 percent of the electorate is Republican and 33 percent of voters are Democratic, the report shows. About 21 percent of voters there have no party preference.

Reviewing city-by-city voter data, Apple Valley is by far the most GOP-leaning with 44 percent Republican to 28.3 percent Democratic. In Hesperia, 36.5 percent of voters are Republican and 33.8 percent are Democratic.

Victorville has the second-highest percentage of Democratic voters (42.8 percent) in the High Desert, while 27.8 percent of voters are Republican. Barstow maintains a 39.7 percent Democratic electorate, compared to 28.4 percent Republican.

Adelanto is the only city in the High Desert where no-party voters (25.4 percent) outnumber Republican voters (20 percent). Nearly 48 percent of voters there are Democratic.

The electorate in unincorporated areas of the county leans Republican (40.2 percent). About 32 percent of voters in outlying county-controlled areas are Democratic.

Election Reform Now!
The elections in the People's Republic are corrupt beyond words.  In most districts the "contests" are pretend show elections as phony as any election held in Communist China or Cuba.  In the few competitive elections around the state the candidates are bought and paid for by mountains of outside cash provided by Billionaire Cartels of labor unions and businesses looking to suck down tax money.

Independent and 3rd party candidates are effectively banned from all November ballots by the two larger parties.
One Proposed Reform  -  Currently California's 80 State Assembly members are "elected" from un-competitive seats with cash from outside special interest groups.

To reintroduce some small form of democracy into our elections I say we add 40 new members to the State Assembly.

Have the top ten candidates elected on an at-large basis from each of the four State Board of Equalization districts (above).  Allow each voter ten votes for this at-large regional election.

With each voter having ten votes he or she has the opportunity to spread their votes around to many different independent candidates or smaller opposition political parties.

It would be nice to see California's lower house with a mix of independent members and perhaps even a few members of the Green, American Independent or Libertarian parties.  That is called free elections in the rest of the world.  Maybe we should try freedom in California.

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