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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Continuing Collapse of the California GOP

California voters gather around to see
a rare site - the nearly extinct Republican elephant.

Should the GOP dissolve itself?
  • If the California Republican Party cannot win in a giant, historic landslide GOP wave election then maybe it should shutter the party HQ and dissolve the party.

By Gary;

The so-called "small government" California Republican Party is in a state of near total collapse.

Voters are increasingly refusing to even check off the GOP box on the voter registration forms.  Republicans are now down to only 28%.  Independent voters and 3rd parties now outnumber the GOP at 29%.

In this year of massive discontent with Democratic policies we saw California voters reject Republicans statewide.

Statewide Races

A total defeat for Republicans.  Every office was lost and most GOP candidates didn't even bother to put up a campaign.

State Legislature

In a landslide GOP year there were a a few minor pick-ups of seats in the legislature.  Democrats were denied a two-thirds majority.  But that is not saying much.  The Leftists have a massive majority and can pretty well do what ever they want.


This is where it gets interesting.  There were quite a few contested Congressional races around our Golden Red State.

Bottom line.  In a landslide GOP year the Democrats won every single contested seat.

In the 3rd Congressional, Dem incumbent John Garamendi beat down his GOP challenger 52.6% to 47.4%.

In the hotly contested 7th district Dem Congressman Bera pulled off a 50.2% win over former GOP Congressman Doug Ose.

In the 9th district incumbent McNerney won 52.1% to 47.9%

In the Central Valley's 16th district Dem incumbent Jim Costa is ahead by 75 votes in a tight 50% - 50% race with GOp dairy farmer Johnny Tacherra.

Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo
In the Central Coast's 24th district 76 year old Dem Lois Capps hangs on 51.6% to Chris Mitchum's 48.4%

Ventura County
The solid middle class 26th district saw incumbent Dem Julia Brownley hold on with 50.8% against GOP Assemblyman Jeff Gorell's 49.2%.

San Bernardino
In the open 31st district the Dem wins with 51.6% to 48.4%.

Palm Springs
One term incumbent Dem Raul Ruiz wins 53.8% in the 36th. An area that was solid GOP for decades.

San Diego
In San Diego's 52nd district one term Dem Scott Peters won 51.6% to the GOP Carl DeMaio's 48.4%.

A New Party For California

It is obvious that in the People's Republic of California the Republican Party is dead and sinking lower with every passing election.  For whatever reasons the GOP "brand" has little appeal to California voters.

Non-Democrats need to band together and form a new, California-only political party not affiliated with any existing national party.  A new and truly independent party like UK Independence Party in Britain to deal exclusively with California issues: pro-jobs, no new taxes, tough on crime and pro-civil liberties. 

What is left of the California GOP could make this process easier by just abolishing their increasingly powerless party.

It is obvious that California voters have little to no interest in the GOP.  Non-Democrats need to act to create a new party without the GOP baggage or prepare to live in a one-party authoritarian People's Republic.

Formerly Republican Palm Springs
The Middle Class Abandons the GOP
Middle class Congressional districts around California have abandoned the Republican Party.  Formerly GOP districts from Sacramento to Santa Barbara to Ventura to Palm Springs and San Diego rejected the GOP in last week's elections and sent Democrats to Washington.

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