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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Two Democrats face off for Senate

Another Phony Election
  • It's Democrat vs. Democrat in Sacramento's 6th State Senate district.  Voter choices have deliberately been reduced by the Elites.
  • 48% of the district's voters are Democrats.  The 52% who are not are told to go screw themselves.
  • From 1850 until 2010 voters in general elections had the choice of multiple political parties and independent candidates.  Today the election system is rigged.  In 2014 there are 25 one-party contests on the ballot.  Election freedom is an illusion to keep the Sheeple voters happy.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA News) —A fiercely contested race is underway to fill a Sacramento-area Senate seat – and it’s the latest example of California’s new election system, in which the top two vote-getters from the Primary advance to November's election, regardless of party.

Dr. Richard Pan was on the campaign trail this week at Sacramento State University, shaking hands and greeting voters in his bid for a state Senate seat – the very one that Senate leader Darryl Steinberg is leaving because of term limits.
Pan’s medical background is an important part of his campaign.

“I’m working hard to bring my real-life experience as a doctor, as an educator, as a small-business owner and a parent to try and keep our families safe and healthy,” Pan told KCRA 3. “I’m a parent. I have children. I need to be sure they get educated. So, I see both personally as well as a legislator -- what families are struggling with."

Welcome to Authoritarianism
It's Democrat vs. Democrat.
In the 6th State Senate District the corrupt "top two" phony
election system gives the voters a choice of only one political party. 
There is no Republican on the ballot and all small opposition
parties and independent candidates are banned.  The corrupt Elites
have even made your write-in vote illegal.

Pan’s opponent is fellow Assemblyman Roger Dickinson.
"People in this community know me," Dickinson said. "I’ve been here. I’ve served this community a long time. I’ve been here for nearly 40 years. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for 36 years, the same house for 27. (I) have represented parts of Sacramento for more than 20 years."
The election features two members of the Assembly from the same party facing off against each other.
So, why should voters really care who wins? After all, they’re going to get a Democrat no matter what.
“I think we both have differences,” Dickinson said.
He points to his legislative track record, authoring a bill requiring greater truth in advertising for farmers markets.
Campaign records from Maplight show that so far, Pan has raised close to $1 million, with the biggest chunk, about $55,000, coming from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.
By contrast, Dickinson has raised nearly $600,000. The biggest contributor is the Laborers’ International Union of North America, with a donation of $20,400.

"Corruptus in Extremis"
Elections in the People's Republic of California are a joke, and the Elites are laughing at the Sheeple voters.
Many "elections" have become phony one-party only contests where the people have no voice at all.  Also, because of massive district size a simple contest for a state Assembly seat can run into millions of dollars.  Only millionaires or those candidates willing to be bribed with special interest money win California elections.  The people have no voice.
The people of California must demand true election reform with either small districts where average people can win or proportional representation.
Free Elections in Scotland
Most nations around the world use a proportional representation system for elections so all factions of society can be represented.  If a party gets 20% of the vote they get 20% of the legislative seats.
In the Scottish Parliament above they have five different political parties and four independent members.  Meanwhile in California the voters are force fed a special interest group funded two-party only system.  (Scottish Parliament)

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