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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Free elections illegal in California - 25 same-party contests are on the ballot

Another Phony California Election
  • This Fresno Bee article reports how the corrupt "top two" election system has reduced voter choices in California elections. 
  • In 25 districts voters will see only one single party on the ballot.  Other countries with only one party on the ballot are the Communist nations of China, Vietnam and North Korea.
  • The two so-called "major parties" have effectively banned all independent candidates as well as the small opposition parties:  Green Party, American Independent Party, Peace and Freedom Party and Libertarian Party.  Also the Democrats and Republicans have made your write-in vote illegal and it will not be counted.  We no longer live in a republic but in an authoritarian oligarchy.

(Fresno Bee)  -  John McAtee, a 52-year-old voter from Elk Grove, isn’t happy about the state of his ballot this year.

In two legislative contests, the Republican will not have a candidate of his own party to choose from. For state Assembly, he can pick between Democrats Jim Cooper and Darrell Fong. For state Senate, his choices are Democrats Roger Dickinson and Richard Pan.

He considers the scenario one drawback of living in a heavily Democratic area.

“I am not moving, but you take your lumps,” McAtee said.

It's Democrat vs. Democrat
In the 9th State Assembly District the corrupt "top two" phony
election system gives the voters a choice of only one political party. 
There is no Republican on the ballot and all small opposition
parties and independent candidates are banned.  The corrupt Elites
have even made your write-in vote illegal.

A reverse scenario is playing out in a Roseville-centered congressional district, where veteran conservative Rep. Tom McClintock is challenged by fellow Republican Art Moore. More than 116,000 Democrats there have no opportunity to select one of their own.

Democrat Michael Adams said he’s met Moore at district events and also has attended McClintock’s town-hall meetings. Adams, a 68-year-old resident of Roseville, said the upcoming congressional contest boils down to this: “Voting for the lesser of two evils is what I have to do.”

In California, 25 same-party contests populate the fall ballot, intraparty battles made possible by voter-approved Proposition 14 in June 2010. Under the measure, the top two candidates regardless of party advance to the general election.

Banned from the ballot
by Democrats & Republicans.
The system is changing the mechanics of some campaigns, and putting many voters in an uncomfortable spot.

“I’ve knocked on some doors and people have said, ‘I’m not going to vote for a Democrat,’ ” Fong said. “Our job is to get them engaged and part of the process.”

Advocates of the open primary system expected that candidates would move to the middle in some races, eventually moderating a Legislature that for years gridlocked over budgets and other partisan matters. They anticipated that Republicans would choose Democrats less beholden to unions, or that Democrats would choose more environmentally friendly Republicans.

Whether they achieve their objective, however, will depend on whether voters are willing to cast any ballot at all in a general election for a member of an opposing party. Regardless of how much pressure parties exert on their members, polling and election experts suggest some voters don’t vote on contests without a candidate who shares their party affiliation.

Analysis of the possibility of a dropoff in voting is already underway.

Election data analyst Paul Mitchell, vice president of Political Data Inc., reviewed the 50th Assembly District runoff in 2012 between Democrats Richard Bloom and Betsy Butler and found that as many as 35 percent of Republicans didn’t cast a vote in the contest, while only a very small percentage of Democrats skipped the race. Still, Bloom, backed by business interests, was the victor over Butler, a more traditional labor-backed Democrat.
Banned from the ballot
by Democrats & Republicans.

“This is something that kind of undercuts one of the main objectives of the open primary, which was to allow for all voters in a district to impact the potential outcome of a race,” Mitchell said. “If, for example, Republicans in Santa Monica are bypassing the Democrat-vs.-Democrat legislative or congressional race, then they are not impacting the vote.”

Some candidates this year are banking on high crossover support.

Moore’s candidacy in the 4th Congressional District is based on the idea that Democrats unhappy with McClintock will turn out to vote for another Republican they like better.

Moore’s campaign strategists anticipate that just 15 percent of Democrats will skip the GOP-on-GOP race. In a memorandum to potential donors, the campaign estimated a winning scenario in which Moore pulls 80 percent of the Democratic vote to McClintock’s 5 percent. It assumes McClintock will receive 75 percent of the Republican vote to Moore’s 25 percent share.

“Keep in mind that McClintock is well known and disliked by Democrats,” it states. “We’re confident Moore will pull more Republicans than modeled here.”

Chris Baker, the general consultant to McClintock, said Moore’s estimates amounted to “wishful thinking.” In the primary, McClintock received 56 percent, Moore drew 23 percent, and independent Jeffrey Gerlach finished with 21 percent.

“The primary results show (Moore’s) little chart is extremely unlikely to happen,” Baker said.

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2014/10/12/4162870_california-same-party-races-force.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy

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It's Republican vs. Republican
In the 4th Congressional District the corrupt "top two" phony election system gives the voters a choice of only one political party.  There is no Democrat on the ballot and all small opposition parties and independent candidates are banned.  The corrupt Elites have even made your write-in vote illegal.

Sample of a Free Election 
Do not be shocked.  Below is an example a free multi-party election in Britain last week.  Free multi-party elections exist everywhere in the world except in the United State where we are force fed the candidates from the two special interest funded parties.
Maybe we should try free elections in America.


By-election 2014: Clacton
UKIPDouglas Carswell21,11359.7N/A
ConservativeGiles Watling8,70924.6-28.4
LabourTim Young3,95711.2-13.8
GreenChris Southall6881.9+0.7
Liberal DemocratAndrew Graham4831.4-11.5
IndependentBruce Sizer2050.6N/A
Monster Raving LoonyAlan "Howling Laud" Hope1270.4N/A
IndependentCharlotte Rose560.2N/A
UKIP gain from ConservativeSwing+44.1

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