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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unions force massive increases in California college tuition

Under Liberal Government college costs are out of control.
Because of a corrupt alliance between labor unions and Liberal political hacks there are no cost controls in the system of public education.  No politician has the balls to defy the unions. 

21% increase in fees
California's public universities enacted the highest average tuition increase of any state in the nation
  • A one-party Liberal dictatorship in California results in massive fee increases to "The People" that Leftists claim they love so very much.
  • A 37% increase in California community college tuition.

California's public universities enacted the highest average tuition increase, 21%, of any state, the annual study on college costs found. The state enrolls a tenth of the nation's public four-year college students.

But even excluding California, tuition prices at such colleges rose significantly nationwide this year, an average of 7%, the College Board found.

Connecticut and South Carolina were lowest, at 2.5% each, reports the Los Angeles Times.  Because of the Labor Union-Liberal Politician alliance college costs are out of control in California..

At California's community colleges, this year's 37% tuition jump was the steepest percentage increase in the nation.

The nation's private nonprofit four-year colleges raised tuition and fees 4.5% this year.

LABOR UNIONS  -  The facts are most of the costs in running a school are labor costs.  Wages and benefits.  Neither the Socialist Democrats nor their Fellow Traveler Republican helpers will address the price of labor because of the power of public employee unions. 

The Democrats eagerly want to be bought and paid for by union money while the Republicans want to fly under the radar, not rock the boat and hope no one notices them.

There is a vast oversupply of people with advanced degrees who are qualified to teach at colleges.  Universities often get hundreds of applications for a job opening.  But instead of labor costs going down because of oversupply, costs are increasing due to the public employee labor unions buying their own personal members of the legislature with campaign money.

And the tax dollars keep flowing into a corrupt system.  Grants and federal tax benefits averaged $5,750 for students at public four-year colleges and $15,530 for those at private nonprofit schools, according to a financial aid study also released by the College Board.

The study showed increased reliance on loans, especially those backed by the federal government.  About 56% of students who earned bachelor's degrees at public colleges in 2009-10 graduated with debt, with an average burden of $22,000. At private nonprofit schools, 65% of graduates had loans, with an average debt load of $28,100.

To keep ex-students in poverty, the Federal government does not allow you to include student loans in a bankruptcy.

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