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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teachers - Do your job or you are fired

Pansy California Democrats pass a law to stop bullying by requiring more teacher "training." 

Moronic Democrats answer to everything  -  'Hold a committee meeting and do training' . . . how about doing your job!

Two California laws passed into law by the one-party Socialist Democratic Dictatorship late Sunday expand the definition of bullying to include sex orientation, require additional training for school staff and allow students who have been bullied to transfer districts.

AB 1156, sponsored by the California State PTA and introduced by Assemblyman Mike Eng, (Socialist Democrat - Monterey Park), links bullying to poor academic performance, reports the Orange County Register.

"Every child is entitled to a safe and peaceful school environment that is orderly and empowering," Eng said in a statement Monday.

The law also requires school-site personnel to be trained to handle bullying as part of a larger definition of school safety.

What a bunch of pansy, limp-wristed pussies!

We need more "training" to deal with bullying. 

Bull shit.

How about asking teachers and administrators to do their God Damn fucking job or get fired?

The Liberal crap is flowing deep and heavy.  But let's get to the core issue here.  No child should be bullied in school.  So you have a meeting with administrators and teachers and tell them to get their classrooms and schools under control or they are fired.  Period.

The adults need to act like adults . . . not like pansy cowards who are afraid of their own shadows.  You don't need a new law.  You don't need training.  You only need to fire people until the staff does the job they are paid to do.

Teachers.  Grow a set, do your job or get out.

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