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Saturday, June 10, 2017

GOP Registration Collapses in California

California Looks to Become Venezuela
It might help if the GOP actually stood for something
instead of being "Democrat Lite"

(Sacramento Bee)  -  Good luck finding a California city these days where most voters are Republicans.
Fifteen years ago, Republicans comprised more than half of the voters in 66 of California’s 482 cities. Today, they are a majority in just 14 cities, according to the latest data from the California Secretary of State.
The population of those 14 cities represent less than 1 percent of the state’s city dwellers.
By contrast, the number of cities where most voters are Democrats has remained fairly steady at around 140 during the last 15 years.
No political party captures more than 50 percent of voters in 328 California cities, largely due to voters that decline to state a party preference. Democrats outnumber Republicans in 201 of those 328 cities.
In the Sacramento region, more than 50 percent of voters in Loomis, Roseville, Lincoln, Rocklin and Folsom were Republicans 15 years ago. Today, only Loomis can make that claim.
For instance, 52 percent of Folsom voters were Republicans 15 years ago; today that figure has fallen to 41 percent. About 30 percent of Folsom voters are Democrats, similar to fifteen years ago, and the rest are unaffiliated or members of third parties.
California has become increasingly liberal over the last two decades, with a plurality consistently favoring Democratic presidential candidates. In 1997, Democrats outnumber Republicans in the state Assembly by a margin of 43 to 37. Today, that margin stands at 55 to 25.
These maps show California cities where more than 50 percent of voters were registered Republican in March 2002 and February 2017.
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The collapse of the GOP


Anonymous said...

as they became state dependents on handouts , and became more numerous ... those fake americans ... intended to became us citizens ( even those teens that take the train in chiapas to go ... solo ... to el norte ) ... is a trend that would carry on ... on and on ... and on ... and on ... on ...on ... and on

Anonymous said...

those central american rulers ... rule out ... the proper and decent way to handle their own citizens ... as they " push them over on us south border " ... and they stay on cartel payrolls