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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

California Bullet Train Gets Greenhouse Gas Funding

Follow The Money

  • The political hacks will steal from any pot of cash they can find in order to fund the train to nowhere and keep the $$$$ flowing to their campaign contributors.

(AP) — California regulators did not abuse their discretion when they decided to pay for the state's high-speed rail project with money from a greenhouse gas emissions program, a Sacramento County judge said in a ruling made final on Monday.
The Transportation Solutions Defense and Education Fund, which opposes the bullet train, argued that constructing the $64 billion project would create more pollution than it would eliminate for at least a decade.
The state has argued high-speed rail will help it meet its greenhouse gas-reduction targets.
But the lawsuit by the group based in San Rafael contended that the California Air Resources Board underplayed the bullet train's harmful environmental effects and exaggerated its environmental benefits. The board relied on the California High-Speed Rail Authority's environmental analysis and failed to account for the tons of cement to be used in construction, the lawsuit argued.
Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Shelleyanne Chang ruled that the decision by the California Air Resources Board was not arbitrary and capricious.
The state has argued that the bullet train will reduce emissions by taking vehicles off state roads.

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Anonymous said...

what a joke !!!
a worthless train , on borrowed Money from exploiting taxpayers