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Thursday, November 5, 2015

California may force the use of condoms

Ballot proposal to drive adult film making out of California

"Corruptus in Extremis"

  • As if by "magic" a new proposal to force the use of condoms in adult films allows every lawyer in the state to sue in court. Could it possibly be about the money?

(Washington Post)  -  California voters probably will have a chance next year to weigh in on a controversial regulation affecting a multibillion-dollar industry: whether adult film stars must wear condoms while performing.
Democrat Secretary of State Alex Padilla said Wednesday that he plans to certify a ballot measure that would put the question to voters next November after supporters gathered the required signatures to qualify for the ballot.
“The Number One way that young people learn about sex in this day and age is pornography on the Internet,” Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, told the Associated Press. “In porn, real people are having real sex. They’re transmitting actual diseases, and the audience knows it. It’s not like a fictional Hollywood film.”
The Lawyer Full Employment Act
Follow the money for the answer to all of life's questions. This condom ballot measure allows everyone in the state to sue adult film makers.  Everyone!

The Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation proposed the ballot measure.
The initiative was modeled after a similar measure that passed in Los Angeles County in 2012. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the county measure “has been tied up in litigation and never enforced.” Still, the number of porn permits issued in the county for adult films dropped by 90 percent the year after the measure was approved, and some in the industry have lamented the harmful economic impact of the regulation, the Los Angeles Times reported last year.
The ballot measure could cost the state tens of millions of dollars in lost state and local tax revenue, according to the official initiative summary. It also probably would cost a few million dollars annually to administer.
The Free Speech Coalition, an industry trade group, strongly opposes the measure.
“Performers, who are currently tested every fourteen days, have long protested mandatory condom legislation, expressing that they are unnecessary given the extensive testing regimen,” the group said in a statement. “There has not been an on-set transmission of HIV in the regulated adult industry since 2004.”
The initiative would grant any state resident the right to sue over a violation of the condom mandate, prompting concerns among performers of being unduly targeted.
“If the proposed initiative were to pass, adult performers would immediately be targeted by stalkers and profiteers, who would use the initiatives’ sue-a-performer provision to harass and extort adult performers,” Diane Duke, chief executive of the Free Speech Coalition, said in the group’s statement. “This is an unconscionable initiative that would take a legal and safe industry and push its performers into the shadows.”
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Democrat Party Condom Police
Will Democrat run California will send condom inspectors to the sets of porn movie shoots to make sure the condoms are properly installed and snug with no leakage? Moron Democrats want to get a firm grip on both our wallets and deployed condoms.

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