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Saturday, July 4, 2015

California Lake Dries Out and Blows Away

A picture of Lake San Antonio at full capacity shows a stark contrast to what it looks like today. The last time it was full was in 2006. The lake closed on July 1.

And Yet Another Week Passes

  • The People's Republic of California is blowing away in a dust bowl.  As the state dries out we see the political hacks in Sacramento ignore building a string of desalination plants up and down the coast.  
  • Democrats love to spend money, but they just can't bring themselves to spend money on creating brand new water.

(NBC News)  -  Four years of drought have contributed to enough water loss in the lake to reduce the water level to only 5% of maximum capacity. "My family's sick about it," Johnston says, "It's in my back yard and for us it's a place we can get to in twenty minutes and have fun. It's a sad thing."

"When I first started here the lake was full and we'd have seven people working in here," said Linda Nursement, who works the entry gate to Harris Creek Campground at Lake San Antonio. Nursement and others are losing their jobs. "I'm in better shape than most people. This is just a part time job for me" she said.

The swimming beach of Lake San Antonio is miles away from water.

The Basham Point boat ramp no longer reaches the water of Lake San Antonio.

Water flows from below the Lake San Antonio Dam at the rate of 5 cubic feet per second which is considered "minimum fish flow release." The lake is almost at the point of dead pool, where it is physically no longer possible to release any water at all. At that point, the San Antonio River will no longer flow below the dam.

The lakebed of Lake San Antonio is dry as the California
drought enters its fourth year.

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Central California lakes dry up and blow away.

From Better Days
Boat Rental at Lake Nacimiento & Lake San Antonio - Paso Robles, CA, 

RPTA student Chelsea Modlin wakesurfing on Lake Nacimiento

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