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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A California backlash rises over foreign IT worker replacements

Many of the nearly 1000 Southern California Edison IBEW 47 workers carry signs as they march along Walnut Grove Avenue in Rosemead in front of the SCE corporate office last February to denounce the decision to lay off hundreds of information technology workers so SCE can outsource the positions to India or replace them with foreign workers who have H-1B Visas.  Many workers are not speaking out because they signed confidentiality agreements and could lose their severance packages.  (Orange County Register.com)

Standing up for the American worker

  • Interesting  -  Here we have the open borders Democrats in the State Assembly trying to defend the jobs of American citizens while at the same time making The People's Republic a Sanctuary State for every illegal alien in the world.

(Computerworld)  -  California lawmakers have taken steps to attack the use of foreign labor to replace U.S. workers. One effort seeks to use the state's regulatory powers to prohibit utilities from shifting jobs overseas. Another legislative attack calls on federal agencies to investigate the H-1B program.

Both measures were approved this month by the California State Assembly.

This legislative interest stems from the decision by Southern California Edison (SCE) to lay off IT staffers as it shifted work overseas.

One bill prohibits a state-regulated utility from outsourcing any work associated with the "design, engineering and operation" of nuclear, electrical and gas infrastructure, "unless it first obtains the approval" of the state utility regulator.

Dumb Ass Alert
This moronic Republican should be ashamed of himself for mindlessly
defending corrupt employers firing American workers and importing
citizens of India to replace them.  I have problems with the Democrats,
but the GOP is in the pockets of multi-national corporations looking
to drive down American wages.

Assembly Bill 853 calls the protection of energy systems, as well as ratepayer information, of "paramount state interest." It was approved by a 50-to-25 vote, with five members not voting, and now awaits state Senate action.

This bill may be one of the more significant legislative actions against offshore outsourcing in the U.S., and may inspire lawmakers in other states. Connecticut recently saw the layoff of utility workers, but lawmakers --despite complaining about it -- took no legislative action to stop it.

A related measure, approved Monday by the State Assembly, is a resolution asking the U.S. Department of Labor and Congress "to investigate the alleged misuse of the H-1B program." That measure (Assembly Joint Resolution 12) passed 49 to 20, with 11 not voting. It also awaits Senate action.

SCE cut about 500 IT workers over the last year after hiring two India-based IT services firms. Some of the laid-off workers said that they had to train their temporary visa holding replacements as a condition of severance.

Since then, at least 11 U.S. Senators have asked for an investigation into H-1B visa's use in offshoring outsourcing.

The push for legislation in California is coming, in part, from SCE's union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 47. The union doesn't represent IT workers, but believes its members are directly affected by the IT work.

Patrick Lavin, the business manager of the IBEW local, said that the state legislation is needed to get SCE to change its business practices. "The way Edison is, they don't do anything or pay attention to anything unless somebody has some authority over them," said Lavin, in an interview.

Assemblyman Donald Wagner, (R-Irvine), said the resolution cited SCE without offering proof about what occurred.

"I think it's a really bad form for us to start calling out some of our own employers when we aren't a court and don't take evidence," said Wagner, in an interview. He opposed the resolution.

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