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Friday, November 22, 2013

Is the GOP is scared of winning elections?

Voters gather to view the nearly extinct GOP elephant.

Los Angeles Assembly Race
  • Yet more missed opportunity.  The Democrat is ahead by a slim 171 votes in an L.A. special election.  Plus the GOP lost another Assembly race by 365 votes.
  • The Republican Party has abandoned their own candidates in a solid middle class districts around the state.

The Republican Party in the People's Republic has appeared to have given up any idea of trying to win elections anymore.

In a sort of modified Stockholm syndrome the GOP has decided to cede middle class districts to the Democrats and hunker down in the few districts they have left and hope that no one notices them.

Vacancies have left Democrats one seat short of the two-thirds majority that allows them to govern without Republican input. The open 45th Assembly District seat, held by Democrat Bob Blumenfield until he won election to the Los Angeles City Council earlier this year, offers a chance for Democrats to re-establish their dominance.

But as of Wednesday afternoon, the secretary of state’s office reported that Democrat Matt Dababneh, a former aide to U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, held a slender 171-vote lead over his opponent, Republican Susan Shelley, out of more than 26,000 votes counted so far.

Lost by 171 Votes.
Left to twist in the wind by the GOP
without any support.

Ventura County has finished certifying its results, but the bulk of voters live in Los Angeles County. As of noon on Wednesday, 2,841 ballots remained to be counted there, elections office spokeswoman Regina Ip said. Special elections for state candidates rarely spur significant voter turnout, and this one was no exception: Turnout stands at about 10.5 percent districtwide reports the Sacramento Bee.

Dababneh drew nearly $500,000 in campaign contributions, far eclipsing the just under $50,000 for Shelley. Even with that fundraising gap, Shelley managed to keep things close in a district where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 23 percentage points. Her campaign emphasized preventing a Democratic supermajority from tampering with Proposition 13, the 1978 ballot measure that limits increases in property taxes.

On Wednesday, Shelley attributed her surge to voter discontent with Democrats who are largely inoculated from challengers and concerns about a revived Democratic supermajority.

“The idea that taxes could be raised, that things could get on the ballot without any Republican input” helped motivate voters, Shelley said, adding that her socially moderate platform lets her focus on the economy.
This week’s election was the second Assembly special election in a row where the Democratic candidate in a seemingly safe Democratic district was in danger of losing. In September, Pomona Democrat Freddie Rodriguez won by 400 votes in the 52nd Assembly District.

The Death of the GOP
The 45th Assembly District in the West San Fernando Valley portion of Los Angeles is a ground zero example of the collapse of the Republican Party in California.
The West Valley is a solid middle to upper class suburban community.  In past years it elected Republicans such as Assemblyman Bob Cline, Assemblywoman Marion La Follette, State Senators Lou Cusanovich and Ed Davis as well as Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr.  Now the area elects loony big government loving Leftist Democrats.
Simply, if the GOP cannot win districts of middle class voters, then in what type of districts is the party planning to win?

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/11/20/5932495/democrat-clings-to-lead-in-assembly.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/11/20/5932495/democrat-clings-to-lead-in-assembly.html#storylink=cpy

Mayor Paul Leon - Abandoned by the GOP

San Bernardino - Los Angeles
Assembly Race
  • Another missed opportunity.  A Hispanic Conservative candidate was ignored by the GOP and lost an Assembly special election to a Leftist Democrat by only 365 votes.
  • Paul Leon is everything the Republican Party claims they want in a candidate:  a pro-gun, Conservative Hispanic who is also Mayor of city.  So with a strong candidate the state GOP ignored him in his special election race for a Senate seat.  Leon switched to "independent" in a run for an open Assembly seat.  The GOP ignored him again and allowed a Democrat to win.

Yes it is true  -  The GOP is run by fucking morons.

In September Pomona Councilman Freddie Rodriguez narrowly defeated Ontario Mayor Paul Leon in a special election to fill a vacancy in Inland Southern California’s 52nd Assembly District, according to unofficial results.

Rodriguez, a Democrat, topped Leon, who has no party preference, by 365 votes out of 13,743 cast.  Turnout stood at less than 8 percent in the district that includes Ontario, Pomona, Chino and part of Fontana.

The outcome marked Leon’s second defeat for an Inland legislative seat in less than five months. Running as a Republican, Leon lost a May special election to then-Assemblywoman Norma Torres to fill a vacancy in the 32nd Senate District reports the Press Enterprise.

For Assembly Democrats, the vote was another uncomfortably close finish in a seat where the party has a 20-point registration advantage.

In the nine-candidate July special primary election, an influx of Democratic and labor money in the final days lifted Rodriguez into the runoff against Leon. The spending spree came after private polls reportedly showed that Leon and Republican Dorothy Pineda were poised to advance to the runoff.

The outcome also suggests that Republicans missed another opportunity in an area where the GOP once was competitive.

Assembly Republicans, though, showed no interest in the race. There was the question of how much help the party could give to a candidate who was not a registered Republican and the difficulty of defending Leon in November 2014.

52nd Assembly District
Given up without a fight.  The 52nd district covers Pomona in Los Angeles County and parts of San Bernardino County including the city of Ontario where Paul Leon is Mayor. 

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