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Monday, November 25, 2013

Fun is illegal in California - Wood fires to be banned at the beach

Your Masters Say "Fun is illegal"
  • Beating the drum of insane environmentalism, the political Elites of California launch one attack after another against the common people for daring to have a wood fire at the beach.
  • Big Brother Government DEMANDS that you are only allowed to have "Government Approved" entertainment at your beach party.  And don't you talk back to us, the NSA is recording your every conversation for thought crimes.

Newport Beach city officials this week are expected to consider a plan that would allow for a more so-called "environmentally friendly" Southern California beach tradition -- natural gas fire pits.  Our Master have declared wood fires "evil" and they are to be crushed at all costs.

Sorry, natural gas fires are fucking boring . . . just what a Liberal would like.  No fun.

City officials are considering putting into place new fire rings at the Balboa Pier area and Corona del Mar State Park.

The plan, expected to be considered at a meeting on Tuesday, is in response to an action taken this summer by the South Coast Air Quality Management District that restricts “open burning” at the beach to cut down on air pollution caused by smoke from burning wood reports NBC Los Angeles.

Among the AQMD’s moronic "findings" were that smoke from one fire is equivalent to three new diesel trucks or second-hand smoke from 800 cigarettes. The smoke from 30 fire rings equaled “an average large south coast refinery,” the AQMD said.

In 2012, the Newport Beach City Council voted to ask the California Coastal Commission for permission to remove all 60 wood-burning fire rings within the city limits, citing health concerns related to wood smoke.

The Commission postponed acting on the city’s request, but the AQMD adopted an amended rule about beach burning.

At a meeting this summer, the South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board voted on a compromise that would likely cut the number of fire pits in the region by Spring 2014.

Neighboring Huntington Beach has also been grapping with the issue.

Proponents there have said the rings have been an important part of city culture for over 60 years and provide an affordable means to gather family along the shore to celebrate.

Obey Your Masters.
Thou Shalt Not Have Fun at the Beach.


Anonymous said...

What happened to you, Orange County :(

Anonymous said...

When they closed off over half the sand dunes at Pismo / Oceano Beech, made you stay on a "sand highway" and then charged you for even going to the sand.... I pulled up stakes and moved (taking ALL my money and retirement funds with me). Good luck CA, when the last person with money finally leaves the state, turn off the lights...