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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chevron moving 800 California jobs to Texas

Texas gets 800 more California jobs
  • More taxpayers leave the People's Republic.
  • Insane Socialist Democrats attack and attack the "evil" oil companies that provide natural gas to heat our homes, oil for our economy and good paying jobs.
  • Being of low intelligence, Democrats fail to understand that you need taxpayers if you want to fund your la-la land Socialist welfare state.

SAN RAMON, Calif. — Chevron Corp. is moving 800 jobs in the San Francisco Bay area to Texas.
The shift of about a quarter of the petroleum giant's San Ramon headquarters staff will take place over two years.

The San Francisco Chronicle says the employees, most of them in technical positions dealing with information and advanced energy technologies, will be transferred to Houston.

Chevron notified employees in an email.

Chevron was founded in California in 1879.

San Ramon will remain Chevron's corporate headquarters, where there are currently about out 3,500 employees. Another 3,000 Chevron employees work elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay area, most of them at the company's refinery and technology center in Richmond.

The jobs that will move to Houston come from five organizations within Chevron dealing with information technology, advanced energy technologies and business development.

In recent years, Chevron and its competitors have placed more emphasis on oil exploration and production, known as the "upstream" end of the oil industry. High petroleum prices have made pumping and selling oil far more profitable than refining it into gasoline, known as the industry's "downstream" side.

Chevron's business investments reflect that trend. The oil company, America's second largest, plans to spend $36.7 billion on large capital projects next year. About 90 percent of that money will go toward upstream operations - building facilities to extract oil and natural gas from the earth - while 7 percent will be devoted to downstream.

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