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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Union Thugs vs. Idiot Administrators

Thinking is not allowed in the People's Republic.
The police Labor Union thugs in Stockton put up billboards to frighten the public.  The union also bought a home next to the city manager to intimidate him. 

Both police unions and administrators think only in terms of government workers to solve any problem

By Gary;

Stockton, California has a 20% unemployment rate, has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.

As cash-strapped cities up and down the state demand concessions from employees, the police union in nearly bankrupt Stockton is fighting hard to keep the fiscal crisis from breaking its contract.  The police union also bought the house next to City Manager Bob Deis in an attempt to intimidate him.

The 315-member police force is down more than 25% from its highest staffing levels in 2008; and the city forced wage and benefit reductions on officers while trying to close a deficit of more than $20 million.

The union is suing the city, challenging its declaration of a fiscal emergency that allows it to break employees' contracts. If the union wins, the city — which is already flirting with bankruptcy — could owe up to $10 million in back wages. City leaders declined to comment on pending litigation reports the Los Angeles Times.

"Everybody knows that revenues in cities are down because of the recession. But in Stockton, it is more than that," said Officer Steve Leonesio, the union president. "The city spent money they didn't have on a sports arena and downtown structures and then when it all hit rock bottom they went after public safety. We're sticking up for what is right."

REAL CHANGE  -  Everyone from city administrators to government workers refuse to think outside the box.  Both sides only think in terms of unionized government workers as the be all and end all of policy.

But where is it written that only unionized police can maintain law and order?

Every large community has thousands of residents with experience as former or retired law enforcement officers or ex-military.  If the city budget will not allow the hiring of police then why not flood the streets with a part-time volunteer police force?

There is no logical reason on earth why an retired ex-Marine with 20 years of service could not volunteer 10 to 20 hours a week to help police the city he lives in.  Many in the community would love the opportunity to help. 

Naturally logic has nothing to do with modern 21st century government.  In the minds of administrators only government workers can do anything . . . and the unions would oppose it because they would net get any dues money.

So goes down the drain the People's Republic of California.

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A part-time volunteer police.
A 1922 volunteer posse in Arizona was used to hunt down criminals.  Except for labor unions, there is
no reason on earth why many cities could not make massive use of volunteer police.

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