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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Democrat in foreclosure on $1.15 million home

Sacramento area Democratic Assemblywoman Alyson Huber is in default on her home which is just the position she has put the state of California in.

Doing to California what she has done to herself

Democratic Assemblywoman Alyson Huber is in default on a million-dollar mortgage in El Dorado Hills as she copes with a contentious divorce, political redistricting and a rocky real estate market.

The tangled fiscal chain of events could complicate her efforts to seek re-election in a neighboring Assembly district, where she will run because a state commission redrew her current district to tilt strongly Republican.

Huber, 39, has announced that she is moving to Rancho Cordova to seek a final two-year term from a newly drawn district, stretching from Citrus Heights to south of Wilton, that she thinks she can win.

Huber is leaving behind two El Dorado Hills homes: a five-bedroom, 4,900-square-foot residence on Terracina Drive that she plans to rent out, and a four-bedroom, 4,000-square foot home on Breese Circle with pool, spa and golf course view that was $21,100 in arrears when a default notice was filed Oct. 12.

A timeline of Huber's troubles encompasses much of 2011, from January, when she left her husband, to the mortgage default in October.

"I pay all my bills," Alyson Huber said. "I believe in honoring my commitments. But I've been put in an impossible situation. I cannot, as a single mom with two children, pay my mortgage and pay my ex-husband's mortgage."

The Breese Circle home initially was listed at $1.15 million, but the asking price has fallen gradually to $725,000, records show. Alyson Huber said a short-sale offer on the house was made about a month ago. Lenders are weighing whether to accept it, she said.
(Sacramento Bee)

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