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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lawnmowers under attack by Democrats

Democrats attack lawnmowers,
not overpopulation
Clueless California Democrats ignore the real
cause of pollution - too many people.

(NPR)  -  Those gas-powered leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and mowers you hear in your neighborhood aren't just annoying — they make a lot of pollution, too.

In California, they're about to pass cars as the worst air polluters, spewing out formaldehyde, benzene and particulate matter. According to Michael Benjamin at the California Air Resources Board, in just three years' time, the biggest single ozone polluter in the state is going to be all this gardening equipment.

"We expect that ozone-contributing pollutants from small off-road engines will exceed those same emissions from cars around the 2020 time frame," Benjamin says.

"Unless ARB adopts more stringent controls, emissions from this category are going to really become much more significant relative to cars," he says.

California — which currently goes by federal standards for its emissions regulations of small off-road gas engines — is considering requiring tougher emissions standards for small gas engines and to offer major incentives for landscaping businesses to change over to electric.

David Clegern of the California Air Resources Board says he is unaware of any other states pursuing programs other than exchanges for residential lawn and garden equipment or of other states lobbying the federal Environmental Protection Agency to adopt more stringent standards.

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The San Fernando Valley in 1900
Insane Politicians
Politicians take a non-polluted, pristine California and pave every possible inch of it over with endless housing tracts, malls and freeways. Tens of millions of new people are added and it is not stopping to this day.
So instead of ending the mindless population growth and its resulting pollution the idiot political hacks attack lawnmowers as the problem.
And the Population Bomb keeps ticking.

Zero population growth is the answer, but I suspect we are 50 years too late.


Anonymous said...

those gardening aparels will be curfew to on some areas of the state ... as some cars too

Fred Mangels said...

I suspect, truth be told, comparisons of pollution between lawn mowers and cars is more because of how clean modern cars run rather than how dirty lawnmowers do.

Anonymous said...

maybe if in comunist california lawns will be razed cause water shortage , and class strugle issue on private estate ...
on those circunstances , Mangels , even Engels , cannot afford to sustain is private lawn if he`s alive today ...
shepp and goats can do a green job better than mowels , and citizens save money for a Prius or a Tesla ... i say

daren sammy said...

Normally, greater batteries propose extra run time and/or electricity (and extra weight). http://www.howdoesyourgardenmow.com/