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"It was a splendid population - for all the slow, sleepy, sluggish-brained sloths stayed at home - you never find that sort of people among pioneers - you cannot build pioneers out of that sort of material. It was that population that gave to California a name for getting up astounding enterprises and rushing them through with a magnificent dash and daring and a recklessness of cost or consequences, which she bears unto this day - and when she projects a new surprise the grave world smiles as usual and says, "Well, that is California all over."

- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pretend Elections in The People's Republic of California

California Leftists Live 
in an Alternate Reality
Leftist Loon Democrats obediently Goosestep for an ultra-corrupt Hillary Clinton.

The question is do Leftists have a soul?

With other choices available on the ballot how can any decent person cast a vote to put a known criminal in the White House? How do these morons sleep at night?

A Pretend U.S. Senate "Election"
Voters were allowed to select which open borders Democrat Leftist would be allowed to represent them in Washington. All other political parties and independents were banned from the general election ballot.

From California Secretary of State

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