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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A colossal bundle of cash draws Clinton to California

Government of, by and for the Oligarchs
Clinton tells the average voter to fuck off, and spends her time kissing the asses of the corrupt Elites.

(Los Angeles Times)  -  Hillary Clinton has decided a tour of California would be far more lucrative.

Clinton is substantially easing her campaign schedule in the coming days to rub elbows with the stars and other deep-pocketed donors during fundraisers at the country’s most exclusive vacation retreats and communities.  

Some of the biggest money will be raised over the next couple of days in California, where Clinton is arriving fresh off an East Coast swing through Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. 

On Monday night, Clinton will be in the most moneyed ZIP codes in Los Angeles, hopping from the home of basketball legend Magic Johnson to the Beverly Hills estate of entertainment mogul Haim Saban – both big time supporters and fundraisers for the Democratic nominee. At the events, she will likely bump into such Hollywood big shots as Jeffrey Katzenberg, Casey Wasserman and Bob Iger, all also big donors.

Just getting in the door to the cocktail reception at the Johnson home costs $2,700 per person. Those who wish to continue to the Saban home, where dinner will be served, must spend $100,000 for a pair of "host" tickets. Those who do will also have an opportunity to have their photo snapped with the candidate. 

Clinton was dealt a slight setback when Leonardo DiCaprio had to back out of his plan to host a fundraiser because of a filming obligation. No worries. The Clintons always seem to have an endless cache of stars ready to pitch in. This time, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were standing by to help the candidate raise an eye-popping amount of cash. Tickets for the lunch they are hosting come with a price tag of $33,400.

Clinton will also be dropping in to Laguna Beach for a pair of fundraisers.

By Tuesday night, Clinton will jet off to collect yet more checks in that other California region where money also seems to grow on trees for Democratic nominees, the Bay Area. The events there include a reception cohosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook and company Vice President Lisa Jackson, a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator, and another event at the home of big name in tech, Amy Rao.

The two-day California swing alone will raise many millions of dollars for Clinton, as the candidate who pledges to get money out of politics races to raise $1 billion for the general election. According to an Associated Press report, Clinton’s finance director recently informed campaign staff that the operation is halfway to that goal.

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