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Friday, May 13, 2016

Latino driven from California GOP delegation

Naked Racism
Two items are going on here

  • #1  -  Hispanic racists crawl out of the wood work to attack a Latino Republican going to the national convention. They said he betrayed his people. Talk about racism.  Pardon me. Are not his people the people of the United States and not Mexico?
  • #2  -  The clueless Latino Republican in question had no idea he might have to vote for the GOP nominee Trump at the convention. Wow. Maybe he thought the convention was just a big party with balloons and free food.

(Sacramento Bee)  -  Mario Guerra knew he had a problem the moment the state released Donald Trump’s list of California delegates on Monday, his name on page 4.
Latino activists and other politicians began calling and writing “literally within minutes,” said Guerra, a former mayor of Downey, in southeast Los Angeles County.
One read: “I can’t believe you betrayed your people,” he said.
Another: “My heart stopped … Is this true?”
Guerra, a member of the California Republican Party’s board of directors and a 2014 candidate for state Senate, said he made a mistake. He said he did not know – despite his position with the party and Trump’s standing as the presumptive nominee – that becoming a delegate would mean pledging his support.
On Thursday, Guerra said he asked the campaign to take him off the list, citing “personal business reasons.”
California's Screwed Up System
Ted Cruz supporter Congressman Tom McClintock is appointed as
a Trump delegate. McClintock and other anti-Trump Republicans
were appointed as Trump delegates around the state. This only
makes sense if you are in a padded cell.

Guerra’s withdrawal follows that of former state Assemblyman Bob Pacheco, who said Wednesday that he filled out a questionnaire to become a Trump delegate but later changed his mind and was mistakenly included.
Trump’s difficulty assembling a steadfast list of delegates in California comes amid a slow warming of relations between the New York businessman and the party’s professional and political classes.
Trump met Thursday with House Speaker Paul Ryan, after Ryan said last week that he was not ready to endorse Trump.
In California, GOP Chairman Jim Brulte said it was at the Trump campaign’s behest that he invited Guerra and several other party officials to become delegates. Trump, he said, was seeking to include more California state officials at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.
Brulte said he told Guerra that the request to become a delegate came from the Trump campaign.
Trump’s delegates now include more than a third of the state party’s board, including its vice chair, Harmeet Dhillon, and the chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, Mark Vafiades.
Among Central Valley Republicans, Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Elk Grove, has said he will support Trump after previously endorsing Ted Cruz, and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield is a delegate for Trump.
McCarthy said House leaders planned to ask Trump to meet with the entire GOP conference, according to The Hill newspaper.    (More at sacbee.com)

The Race
It is not the National Council of a Race, but the National Council of THE Race. La Raza is anything but multi-cultural.
Sounds just a bit racist to me. But I am just a crazy blogger. What do I know?

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article77293437.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article77293437.html#storylink=cpRead More . . . . 

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