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- - - - Mark Twain (Roughing It)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Water use increases in L.A. & San Diego during drought

Clueless Californians
  • Most of California's 39 million people live in a desert, but they use water like they are living in Seattle.
  • In the middle of a massive killer drought businesses and individuals are actually increasing their water usage.

It is "magic" water.  You just turn on the faucet and an endless stream of water pours out on command.

The Los Angeles Times reports that water use is actually increasing.

  • A recent statewide survey found that urban water use in coastal Southern California declined by only 5% from January through May. And a Times review of data from the region's three largest cities shows that use actually went up over the last year.
  • The San Diego County Water Authority recorded a 4% increase in overall demand since last summer.
  • In Long Beach total water use from October through May rose nearly 1% compared with the same months a year ago.

The Southland is not alone in missing the goal for voluntary reductions that Brown set when he proclaimed a drought emergency in January. No region of the state has met it, according to the survey of urban agencies conducted by the State Water Resources Control Board.

Statewide, average urban use from January through May fell 5% compared with the same period from 2011 to 2013.

Read more Los Angeles Times.

The Delta King in Sacramento
Just Suck It Dry
Bone dry Central and Southern California have done little to cut water use.  They want to take the easy way out and just suck dry the Sacramento Delta and the rivers of Northern California.

The Insanity of Man
There are bi-partisan demands for endless water for farmers, businesses, front lawns and golf courses but you are called a environmentalist "crazy" if you dare say out loud that we should "save water for fish, animals and nature."
The desert called California.

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